Belated Birthday Candles

This photo is one of my favorites. It was taken by a photographer for the Miami Herald, and featured on the cover of the paper shortly before Valentine’s Day this year, accompanying a story about frugal Valentine’s Day ideas. But the backstory behind the photo is kind of funny — my husband and I had […]

My Precious

All over New York City last week, on the buses and in the subway stations, I kept seeing a familiar silhouette. Big fabulous natural hair, bright patterned fabric, and a full figured physique. Hey – that kinda looks like me! But no — it was Jill Scott. That’s right — Jilly from Philly is continuing […]

Been Around The World

In this last weekly installment of The Journey, I’ve taken things kind of literally. I’m actually on one — in the past almost-two-weeks, I’ve driven to and through nine states — Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and now I’m in Washington DC. On the trip it’s been […]

Anyone in DC Wanna Meet Me?

Hey bellas and fellas! The next stop on my road trip will be Washington DC! I’m super stoked to visit our nation’s capital, and I’d love to meet some of my beautiful blogger friends and fellow bellas! My good friend DJ Busca (he was one of the DJs at my wedding!) will be providing sweet […]

Hello, Harlem!

Bellas, fellas – been having a tremendous time on this road trip. Apologies for being a tardy blogger, I’ve been too busy having fun and catching up with friends both old and new. After leaving my friend Jenny’s place — mentioned in last week’s installment of The Journey, I’m currently in Harlem staying with my […]

Today’s Physical Challenge

My friend Jenny has an awesome apartment, and when we come to New York City, we stay with her. It’s cute, compact, comfortable, and smack in the middle of Greenwich Village. I love it. But here’s the rub — Jenny’s apartment is a steep 6th floor walkup. No elevator, not even a rinkydink service lift. […]

Buy or DIY? – Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

I have what MAC makeup artist Victor C once referred to as “a dry lip.” That’s putting it charitably. My lips are forever peeling and flaky, and some lipsticks really show that up the rough texture of my lips. Oh, when I tried on MAC Hello Kitty lipstick in Fashion Mews recently, it was an […]