Michelle’s First 100 Days

So much has been made of Barack Obama’s first 100 days, but what about Michelle? Our First Lady has also traveled the world, met with foreign dignitaries, and represented this country to the best of her ability. 100 days is hardly enough time to make a real conclusion about much of anything, but it sounds […]

Ask Afrobella: Plus Size Pretty

I’ve been restraining myself from shopping lately, so I can’t tell you how much fun it is for me to fantasy shop for someone else! I just got a delightful Ask Afrobella question for my pear-shaped bellas. Bella, My pear-shaped friend is trying to find something to wear for a wedding in May. I’m trying […]

That’s a Lot Of Look

I’m not sure what rock I’ve been under that allowed me to somehow miss the rare beauty that is Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon. But please believe me, following her recent appearance at the Leadership for Health Summit in Los Angeles, I’m sitting up and taking notice now. Wow. All I can do is […]

Live! From the Afrobella Forum

Hey bellas! Since we started the Afrobella forum, all kinds of questions are getting asked and answered by bellas and fellas from all over the world! Forum member 2ServingsofCute needs some mixed race makeup advice! PanTrini is excited about IndiaAire’s new album! Indigolovely has questions about using lacefront wigs as she grows her locs. Thoughts? […]

Oprah’s Hair — So Many Questions!

You are probably sick of me blah-blah-blahing about Twitter by now… but I gotta talk about this tweet right here about Oprah’s hair. On her show last Friday afternoon, Oprah defiantly declared — I’m not wearing a weave! And then she proceeded to display a photo of her actual hair, as it looks before she […]

Ask Afrobella: Naturally Beautiful at the Prom!

Got a frantic Ask Afrobella question to answer, and time is of the essence! Dear Afrobella, I love your blog! It’s so refreshing compared to other blogs that just write about products! I never know what to expect when I visit your site but I know it’s gonna be good! I’m a teenage transitioning bella […]

RIP Bea Arthur

Eighties babies, stand up if you grew up watching The Golden Girls! Seventies babies, stand up if you grew up watching Maude! Either way, if you’re like me, you probably came up as a young one enjoying and appreciating the talents of Bea Arthur. I’m sad to share the news that the legendary stage and […]