Earth Day Eco-Chic – Reuseable Shopping Bags

Earth Day was Wednesday, of this I am well aware (I celebrated out on beautiful Vero Beach, enjoying nature. More to come on that soon). Every year on April 22, the world celebrates a day of activism and promise, and everyone uses buzzwords like green, eco-friendly, organic and natural. You know, words that make you […]

Getting Fitter, One Tweet At A Time

I love those new Weight Watchers commercials featuring Hunger as an adorable orange monster. (And I’m not the only one!) Not only does the furry little guy appeal to my ongoing Muppet obsession, and not only does he look exactly like Gossamer, the monster from the classic Looney Tunes cartoons… but he pretty accurately depicts […]

Afrobella Forums!

Happy hump day, readers! We have just launched an Afrobella Forum in order to help to provide more resources to everyone out there. Forum administration is a new thing for us, so we’ll address any hiccups as they appear. Your feedback is very valuable – please let us know what you’d like to see more […]

Lipstick – When Is “Nude,” Not Nude?

In 1962 Crayola changed the name of their “Flesh” crayon to “Peach”, out of respect for the then-burgeoning civil rights movement. The crayon company’s cultural sensitivity memo apparently never trickled down to some typically female-oriented industries. You can hit up any department store and find an array of foundation garments labelled “nude.” But if your […]

How Serious Is Your Hair Love Affair?

My hands are always twirling it, I take super good care of it, and most definitely it’s part of my identity. To the casual onlooker, it might seem kind of obvious that I’ve got a love affair with my hair. But am I obsessed with it? I guess I wouldn’t say so. I thought I […]

How Many Times Have I Watched the Susan Boyle Video?

Let’s just say, several. Perhaps too many. But I can’t help it! Team Susan all the way! Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got TalentUploaded by dwarthy As my homie E-Fresh who just moved to South Korea told me — you know something’s an international phenomenon when people are gathering around computers in South Korea to watch. […]

Cover Your Feet and Your Head

Contests and giveaways come and go, and all too often I forget to post them in time. No more! I’m trying my bestest to bring you the best contests, giveaways, and freebies online. Times are hard and these days, every little bit helps! Here’s a sweet deal from Gold Toe Socks. The company that makes […]