I think I said it right…. I meant to extend greetings and welcome to my friends in the Philippines! I got a lovely little shout out in a beauty blog feature on Manila Standard Today. Hooray! And in stateside press news, the gals in the Beauty Department of Lucky Magazine also showed Afrobella some link […]

Hurry – Ambi’s Scholarship Offer Ends in 2 Days!

Bellas, I am SO late to the party and I feel terrible about it. This information came during my road trip and I didn’t realize the deadline was coming up so soon! I am only posting this because I figure, better late than never. For now — click here to submit an application for Ambi’s […]

The Power of Pink

I used to think pink makeup didn’t work so well on women of color. Too pale, too subtle, too washed out = pointless, I assumed. I’d see these new high end department store makeup collections coming out featuring rose, coral, and ballerina pink makeup, and never even consider buying any of it, because the colors […]

GoDaddy Problems

Hello there everyone! We’ve been having extensive problems with our web host (GoDaddy) since a server migration they did last week. Please bear with us, as we are in the process of moving Afrobella over to a new host. You’ve probably noticed that there are very few images on the site – GoDaddy has locked […]

Curvy, Chic, and Crafty

It happens often — inspiration strikes when I visit Fatshionista and discover yet another frontier in plus sized chic. Their recent review of the fun, very distinctive designs of Selena Eon was a revelation. Gracias, Fatshionista! Without you I might not have realized that an unexplored world of customized, unique clothing awaits on Etsy! SelenaEon […]

Throwback Thursday — Althea and Donna

Bellas in the Seventies knew how to do it! The golden era of natural hair gave me much hair and style inspiration. Today I want to shine a light on two underrated pioneers in the Jamaican reggae scene, Althea and Donna. In the Seventies, the late great producer Joe Gibbs made 17 year old Althea […]

Getting Back in the Saddle

…And I was doing SO WELL. My last post on The Journey was brimming with confidence — I’d managed to drop a couple of pounds in the New York/Washington DC leg of my road trip, thanks to a rigorous schedule of things-to-do and cities that required a certain level of physical activity. Then I got […]