Bellas at the BET Awards!

Before I give tribute to the many, many famous and beautiful black women at the BET Awards last night, first a word to their publicists. Where ARE you? Holla at a blogger! It seems that whenever a cast member of Gossip Girls sneezes, I get a press release. If Paris Hilton strolls through a boutique, […]

I’m a Black Weblog Awards Nominee!

It’s that time again, bellas! The 2009 Black Weblog Awards are underway, and some of your favorite blogs are nominated. Like Afrobella! Click here to cast your vote! I’m nominated for three categories — Best Culture Blog, Best Writing in a Blog, and a new one – Best Microblog for my Twitter page. If you […]

Get The Look – BET Awards Makeup

I missed the BET Awards but I didn’t MISS the BET Awards, if you know what I’m sayin’. Judging from the various indignant responses on Twitter, it seems I didn’t miss much. But thanks to some of my favorite sites — Oh No They Didn’t and Crunk & Disorderly, I saw all I needed to […]

Hello, AOL Readers!

So I announced this a week or so ago, and tah dah!

Oh, Michael

I was an Eighties baby but the last of the family. So many of my childhood memories are Seventies leftovers from my sister and brothers. And like so, so many black families around the world, the Jackson 5 were a part of our lives. I don’t recall exactly when my love affair began, but it […]

RIP, Michael Jackson

Bellas, I feel devastated. I can’t even fully put into words what I feel right now. So instead, I turn to you. What’s your favorite Michael Jackson memory? What’s your favorite song? And how do you feel right now, after this awful, tragic news?

Make Your Makeup Last

Woo! The weather in Florida, I do not miss it one little bit. Hot, humid, sweltering… and look at that, it seems to have followed me all the way to Chicago! When the days are muggy your makeup can get to melting. And nobody wants to walk around looking like a runny ice cream cone […]