Afrobella on AOL!

I’ve got some big news bellas! I’ve officially accepted an opportunity to be a part of the AOL Black Voices family. I’m going to be the new blogger for BV Hair Talk! So what does this mean? It means I’m going to be a busy bella! I promise that Afrobella will continue as I’ve done […]

Where In the World is Afrobella?

Bellas, I’m on the road again! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Last week I flew back to Miami, got our car and picked up our last items in the 305, then drove to Orlando for an absolutely glorious wedding weekend. One of my best friends, Mr. Lino Mancebo, got married yesterday. Family and […]

Bobbi Brown — Investment Makeup

Bellas, I’m trying to be better and faster with the blogging over here, so expect to see some itty bitty blogs mixed in with my regular long-form musings. When I see a hot sale or a sweet deal, best believe I’m gonna put you on! This week — Bobbi Brown in the house! Their Summer […]

June 20, Save The Date!

Hey bellas! I’m officially living in the Windy City, and getting to know my way around town. And one of the very first things I’d like to do is get to know all of you! I’ll be attending the Blogging While Brown conference, and on Saturday June 20, two of the warmest, friendliest bloggers I […]

Define Your Natural

About a decade ago I was hair-color happy, blissfully experimenting with a veritable rainbow of semi-permanent shades and relaxing my hair bone straight all the while. Then I made the decision to go natural, and man oh man did I notice a difference in the health of my hair. Relaxer and regular coloring chemicals had […]

RIP, Ola Hudson

Her name and face might not be instantly recognizable to many, but no doubt Ola Hudson was a stunning afrobella of note in her day. Check out her style in that vintage Dewars ad. That hair, those earrings. Ola Hudson was a certified show stopper. She was a popular costume designer who clothed John Lennon, […]

There’s Nothing We Women Can’t Be!

Consider this your daily reminder, courtesy of an old school Sesame Street clip! I grew up a Sesame Street junkie, and this song was always one of my favorites. The empowering message resonated with me at an early age — “just look around you, it’s easy to see. There’s NOTHING we women can’t be!” This […]