Fabulous Fourth Cocktails!

Bellas, now that we’ve done the eating healthy portion of our 4th of July weekend, might I propose a toast? Cheers to fabulous 4th of July cocktails! But only if you’re over 21, mmmkay? Part of the fun of having an at-home celebration is whipping up deliciousness in the kitchen and serving your guests something […]

Fourth of July Fiesta Food

What does the 4th of July mean to you? Fireworks? Freedom? Fried food? All of the above? Most definitely! Moderation isn’t exactly a word that comes to mind during the 4th, or most holiday weekends. But I’m here to tell you, friends of the 50 Million Pound Challenge, you can enjoy the 4th to the […]

Throwback Thursday – Still Missing Michael

Like many of my peers in the blogosphere, I’ve been trying my best to move on. But it’s hard. I still can’t quite believe — a week ago, Michael Jackson passed away. Even typing that phrase feels wrong. I wrote a tribute from the depths of my heart and then tried to look away from […]