New York Fashion Week – Day 4 (Almost Done!)

CVS Lounge

I meant to post this diary all in one go, but in all honesty? I got NYFW’d OUT. The coverage on my blog and every other blog felt overwhelming and life came calling…so I took a break. But now I’m back to recap those last two whirlwind days of my first Fashion Week. Y’all ready? […]

Mo’Nique Takes Late Night


Raise your hands if you’re a nightly talk show watcher! I am – if it isn’t The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, then it’s Conan or Letterman (and I’ve tried my sincere best with Jimmy Fallon, but… I just can’t. Even though I’m a big fan of The Roots). But in terms of having […]

Products For Little Black Princesses

Disney Group-067

From the minute Disney announced the first African American princess movie, The Princess and the Frog, the buzz has been building. And so has the concern. Disney’s history of racial sensitivity in their cartoons caused eyebrows to be raised early on, and understandably so — having waited this long to produce a film starring an […]

Farewell, Prescriptives – Love You Forever


Being the generally optimistic person that I am, I want to believe that makeup options for women of color are becoming better and better. There are more and more upcoming boutique brands catering to our skin’s unique needs, and even the mainstream brands have expanded their color palettes over the years. Then you get news […]

Cut It Out Giveaway Winners!

Sometimes I host a giveaway and wonder — how will my bellas respond to this one? Not so much for the fly giveaway I hosted with Cut It Out Apparel — I know my readers are strong, bold, intelligent women with opinions to share — and Cut It Out’s teeshirts are SO very very Afrobella. […]

Island Remede: Castor Oil


Is it just Caribbean parents who believe in giving their children weekly laxatives? I’ve heard tales from some of my Southern friends about their grandparents doing the same thing, but hardly with the same commonality as island families did. My mother spared me from the experience she had as a little one, but my grandmother […]

Eid Mubarak!


Every day, in so many facets of my life, I realize what an honor and a privilege it was to be born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. My island republic is small, but the diversity and richness of our culture is undeniable and strong. It is the definition of a melting pot. Black, Indian, […]