NYFW Day 3 – Plus Size at Fashion Week?

Lianne, Me, Erika, Andrea!

After my exciting evening at the tents and tour of the city via pedicab, I was exhausted. But I had to get my butt in gear for the next day. I had a trek out to Brooklyn in store! I ended Day 2 with a delicious Indian dinner in the Village with my best friend […]

Chic in Crochet

Earrings by Star Crochet Designs

Once upon a time, crochet may have been the hobby your grandmother or aunty used to pass the time. Their needlework generally resulted in doilies, tablecloths, kitschy detailing on dresses, and those often-ill fitting waistcoats that were briefly popular in the Nineties. (I’m speaking from personal experience, here). That was then. There’s been a HUGE […]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day #2

Hey bellas! Computer issues and being on the go kept me away from blogging this weekend. But now I’m back (and still in NYC for the moment) to recap my last few days of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. On to day 2! I had heard horror stories about picking up credentials at the Bryant […]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day #1


Wow, bellas! It’s been a long, crazy, wonderful day. I’m writing this from a cushy air mattress at my friend Jenny’s apartment… (you might recall, the one with all the stairs. Whew!) Today was the official beginning of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, and the city was absolutely electric. I got here this afternoon, and […]

Tyra Banks Real Hair Dismay


In retrospect, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. I shouldn’t have come into the new season of the Tyra Banks Show with expectations. But I did. My bad. For some reason, when Tyra announced September 8 would be “National Real Hair Day,” I confused “real” with “natural.” I assumed we’d be […]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Here I Come!


I took a little blogcation and wow! What a difference a week made! Before last week, I was feeling stressed out and stagnant. Today I’m still stressed out… but feeling great! Why? Because my application to cover events at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York was APPROVED, and I’m totally going to the tents for the […]

Black Weblog Awards Winner – 3 Years Running!

Black Weblog Awards Winner - Best Culture Blog

Confession time: every year I have a moment where I feel internal crisis. I can’t help it – I’m a worrier, not a warrior. Every year there comes a time (maybe more than one time), when I wonder: Am I doing the best that I can? Is my blog still as interesting to other people […]