What’s Good About Good Hair?


Originally posted at BVHairTalk.com. Can I be real with y’all? I’m kinda sick of Chris Rock’s Good Hair. Raise your hand if you’re with me. The endless media tour. The premature outrage. The trailer, which showed all of the docucomedy’s best clips. To paraphrase Chris Rock himself, I’m tired, tired, tired of Good Hair. So […]

Getting What You Want (For Less)


Frugalista. Recessionista. Maxxinista. Whatever you call yourself, saving money isn’t a trend. It’s a necessary lifestyle these days. Gone are the days when people shopped with whimsy. Now I go armed with a list, and double guess myself on every item I buy. Now instead of ooh that’s really cute I want it, it’s ooh […]

Go See Precious. Now.

Precious. You need to go see it.

This is the beginning of something new: The Afrobella Review! I know I’ve got a whole category devoted to product reviews, but I’m expanding my repertoire to include films, music, and books that move me. And the whole thing was inspired by this movie. I tend to avoid sad movies, which is a shame and […]

Contest Winner Overload

Disney Group-067

The e mail in my inbox was short and to the point. “Bella, have you chosen the Carol’s Daughter winners yet?” It was the kind of thought that’d normally run through my head, shortly after the giveaway. Except this time it hadn’t. I let THREE giveaways come and go, and STILL hadn’t chosen a winner […]

Team Zahara!

Baby Z looks fine to me!

Thanks to all of you who have sent me that Newsweek article by Allison Samuels about Zahara Jolie Pitt and “the politics of uncombed hair.” I know y’all already know how I feel, but I wrote about it for BVHairTalk in a post titled I’m on Team Zahara! Just so everyone else knows. Is it […]

Who Did It Better – Marge or Darine?


By now you may have heard the news — Playboy is shaking things up and featuring Marge Simpson on the magazine’s cover, to commemorate 20 years of The Simpsons. But did you know that the provocative cover was meant to be an homage? Yes indeed — Marge Simpson’s pose pays tribute to the October 1971 […]

Allo, Blackface


Can I just tell you how much I loved the debate on that Louis Vuitton afro post of last week? Sometimes I do respond with an automatic side-eye where maybe I should try to be more open in my approach. I tried to tread lightly and just put the question out there to the universe, […]