Afrobella’s Rachel Roy Giveaway!

Some may make it seem oh so effortless, but it totally isn’t. Being a fashionista is hard work. It requires planning, creativity, and a flexible budget. If you’re gearing up for a special event (like say, a holiday party), it’s even harder. What’s the dress code? Who’s gonna be there? How will the weather play […]

Red Pump Recap

December 2nd was absolutely fabulous! That evening I co-hosted the fantawesome (copyright Luvvie!) Red Pump Project fundraiser, alongside the fabulous Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie and Karyn AKA The Fab Giver. Together we raised much-needed money for Project VIDA, an organization that offers counseling and workshops for people living with HIV/AIDS here in Chicago. We had […]

Leopard Coats – Forever Fierce

Fabulous Furs faux leopard coat

Although this bella loves animals far too much to ever wear fur, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t go ga-ga over animal prints! As far as I’m concerned, leopard print is always in fashion. There’s room in my heart for cheetah, zebra, and even tiger patterns as well…but I’ll always look twice (and probably purchase) […]

The Princess and the Frog — Did You See It?

Princess Tiana, gazing wistfully as Disney Princesses do

Bellas, I’ve been flat in bed with a sore throat, sniffles, and a stuffy head all weekend so far…so I haven’t had a chance to make it to the theater. BUT this is a big weekend! Disney’s The Princess and The Frog has finally been released, and I know SO many people who have planned […]

Gifts for the Grown and Sexy


IMO, most magazine sex advice is good for one thing. Jokes. Seriously, my husband and I read Cosmo’s sex tips when we’re in line at the grocery store and just LOL. As The Frisky says: “while many of Cosmo‘s columns are relatively harmless, the “Things to Try In Bed” features are occasionally so far off […]

New Music From Corrine Bailey Rae


I love her hair. I love her style. And that voice just sweeps me away. Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows how much I love Corrine Bailey Rae. I’ve been rooting for her glorious comeback, and now all of us fans are in for a treat. Her new album, The Sea, […]

The Body Shop’s 12 Days of Giveaways!

I’d definitely love the five golden rings, but the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts? You can keep em! What would you even do with all those maids-a-milking and lords-a-leaping, not to mention all those birds? This holiday season, there’s a new spin on the classic holiday song. Instead of 12 Days of […]