Tiger Woods – So. Over. It.


I should have never turned on the TV this morning. All the news channels were reporting on, had to do with the upcoming Tiger Woods press conference — you can read the highlights here. And now that it’s over, all the news channels are reporting on STILL has to do with the Tiger Woods press […]

New Products for Healthy Hair


Originally posted at BVHairTalk. Longer reviews to come soon! No matter how you wear your hair, health should always be the watchword. It’s become more and more of a beauty concern. Finally, some brands are getting the message and delivering the goods. Here are some of the latest products on the shelves, that promise to […]

Vanity Fair: The Beauty of Low Expectations


The current “Vanity Fair is racist!” brouhaha involving the shades-of-alabaster cover of their Young Hollywood has been covered quite well by a variety of other blogs and websites: From Jezebel: “What does “Young Hollywood” look like? According to Vanity Fair, it’s pretty, thin, female and white.” From USA Today: “Where are any women of color? […]

Inspiration Via Maya


In the midst of achievement and success, sometimes you’ll also encounter jealousy, anger, and competitive energy from unlikely sources. That’s what I’m dealing with now, bellas. That kind of negativity can be disquieting to the spirit. On days when it gets to me, I tend to do as my mom suggests and shroud myself in […]

Celebrate for a Cause


Friends in Chicago, the weather may be chilly and the streets may still be slushy — but I hope you’re still going out and about despite it all. Because on February 21, I’d love to meet you at a truly delicious event! My friend Courtney of the awesome food blog CocoCooks is part of a […]

A Post Valentine’s Giveaway

I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed a beautiful and romantic day here in Chicago. We spent the morning in Chinatown, attending the Chinese New Year parade. Yesterday was the first day of the Year of the Tiger, and Chinatown was densely packed with onlookers. You can see some photos from the day here […]

Measha Opens the Olympics!


Did you see the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics? If you did, and you’re a longtime Afrobella reader, you may have instantly recognize Canadian opera singer and former Afrobella of the Week, Measha Bruggersgosman. I interviewed Measha back in 2007 when she was touring with the Cleveland Orchestra. It was such a pleasure to […]