My Monday Manicure: China Glaze Poolside!


The sun is up, the sky is blue. It’s beautiful, and so are you! I had to quote one of my favorite Beatles songs to let you know how I feel! Spring is in the air and today, Chicago is sunny and bright. Mind you, just this past weekend it snowed outta nowhere. But right […]

Ask Afrobella: Little Boys with Kinks and Coils


You guys. I am terrible and I ask for your forgiveness. I haven’t done an Ask Afrobella in WAY too long. Instead, I chose the immediacy of Formspring and even there I’ve been letting questions just marinate. SMH at myself. Mea culpa, and I’m back to answer a question all about raising little kids to […]

Rachel Roy Giveaway Winner!

48 of you commented on my most recent Rachel Roy giveaway — which included items from her Fairwinds jewelry and accessory collection, all hand made by villagers in Rwanda and Tanzania. But I can only choose one winner, and I chose a number at random… And that winner is #31 – KimberlyKeyosha who has her […]