Afrobella Around the Web


You know I stay busy! Here are some of the latest beauty and hair posts I’ve worked on around the web. Over at Vogue Black, I wrote an homage to the timeless beauty of Tina Turner — complete with skincare recommendations to help us all age as fine as she has. Longer review to come […]

My Monday Manicure: China Glaze Poolside!


The sun is up, the sky is blue. It’s beautiful, and so are you! I had to quote one of my favorite Beatles songs to let you know how I feel! Spring is in the air and today, Chicago is sunny and bright. Mind you, just this past weekend it snowed outta nowhere. But right […]

Ask Afrobella: Little Boys with Kinks and Coils


You guys. I am terrible and I ask for your forgiveness. I haven’t done an Ask Afrobella in WAY too long. Instead, I chose the immediacy of Formspring and even there I’ve been letting questions just marinate. SMH at myself. Mea culpa, and I’m back to answer a question all about raising little kids to […]

Rachel Roy Giveaway Winner!

48 of you commented on my most recent Rachel Roy giveaway — which included items from her Fairwinds jewelry and accessory collection, all hand made by villagers in Rwanda and Tanzania. But I can only choose one winner, and I chose a number at random… And that winner is #31 – KimberlyKeyosha who has her […]

Happy Birthday, Aunty Opal!

Picture 680 (2)

Most families have at least one person like her — the warm one, the one with all the culinary skills, the one who is most likely to watch cartoons with the kids, or play games. The one who’s motherly without necessarily being your mom. In my family, her name is Opal. And she’s always been […]

Win a Trip to Paris!


Everyone I know who has been, has fallen in love with the culture, the ambiance, the food, the romance of Paris. Someday, I dream of visiting and strolling hand in hand along Parisian streets with my husband. It isn’t my time – not just yet. BUT – thanks to my friends at Black Atlas – […]

My Monday Manicure – Birthday Edition!


OK, it’s Tuesday night. Don’t judge me! Yesterday was one of those why-is-today-so-ridiculously-unproductive days. And today was more of the same. But last weekend was truly awesome. Last Monday was my birthday weekend. And my friends at Dove Visibly Smooth helped me celebrate! To help promote their amazing hair-growth-reducing deodorant, some of your favorite beauty […]