Wakeema Hollis – Simply Stunning


She’s drop dead gorgeous with legs that go on forever…and an amazingly sunny, friendly, warm attitude to go with it! I’ve been an admirer of Tennessee-born model Wakeema Hollis from afar, but this incredible interview by Vogue Black – done by the legendary Bethann Hardison – charmed me completely. Hollis is the kind of beautiful, […]

Want Of The Week: Boscoe Holder’s Paintings

Boscoe Holder, Flowers In Her Hair

File this under: I always want what I can’t afford. These days I’m all about home decor that is truly unique and noteworthy. Which means enough with the framed posters on my walls – I want art! Painted! On canvas! And of course that is crazy expensive. So I spend afternoons wishing and hoping and […]