My Monday Manicure: Essie Main Squeeze and Lilacism


Part of being self-employed, funemployed, full time freelancing, living the dream – whatever you wanna call it – is all about saving money when you can. So here’s what I do. Instead of throwing out the junk mail like I always used to do, I go through it and clip coupons like crazy. Every now […]

Corinne Bailey Rae, in Concert


I knew Corinne Bailey Rae was coming to Chicago, but I had no plans to go see her. From what I’d heard, the show was sold out. But because I had blogged about her album, the PR was able to work a last minute miracle. The day before the show, I got a pair of […]

Can I Touch Your Hair?

Originally posted over at It happens to me…oh maybe once every two weeks. Usually it’s at an event where people are drinking and being social. Slowly someone will approach me, often with a broad and familiar smile on their face. “Your hair is awesome,” they say. “Can I touch it?” And I’m not alone. […]