Wakeema Hollis – Simply Stunning


She’s drop dead gorgeous with legs that go on forever…and an amazingly sunny, friendly, warm attitude to go with it! I’ve been an admirer of Tennessee-born model Wakeema Hollis from afar, but this incredible interview by Vogue Black – done by the legendary Bethann Hardison – charmed me completely. Hollis is the kind of beautiful, […]

Want Of The Week: Boscoe Holder’s Paintings

Boscoe Holder, Flowers In Her Hair

File this under: I always want what I can’t afford. These days I’m all about home decor that is truly unique and noteworthy. Which means enough with the framed posters on my walls – I want art! Painted! On canvas! And of course that is crazy expensive. So I spend afternoons wishing and hoping and […]

Behold — Basseyworld Live!

Bassey Ikpi is an amazing woman. She’s a brilliant spoken word poet, and she lives her life out loud. I’m honored to be one of her friends on Twitter – the woman is fierce, funny, brilliant, and inspiring in the extreme. I love me some Bassey. And now you can come out and appreciate her […]

Why Am I Breaking Out?


You wake up in the morning feeling great, and then you look in the mirror. Whoomp, there is is – a big ol’ zit staring you in the face. “Nooooooooo!” you yell. “Why am I breaking out???” If you ask me, there are five possible reasons. So excuse me while I offer some skin care […]

Oh Hi, Lauryn!

Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala 2

Just when I get to wondering where she’s been, she pops up someplace random. Like Australia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf7Q_G0D0xQ And most recently, the elusive Miss Hill popped up on the red carpet in Manhattan, for a special charity event. It’s like seeing a unicorn! Thanks to my Twitter amiga Divalocity of Afrolistas and the City, I got […]

Grace Jones, Still The Baddest


“[Grace Jones] drinks her wine through a straw so as not to mess up her lips. Does she think she has changed over the years? “Of course I’ve changed. I’m not as impatient as I used to be. I used to hit people if I didn’t like what they were saying. Just lash out. Bam […]

Want Of The Week: QuellyRue Designs


Because Spring is all about flowers and whimsy, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite Etsy shops. QuellyRue Designs. Handmade, quirky, super cute accessories and headbands! Check me out rocking the crochet floral headband”>it’s just $12, click here to buy! I love the size of the flower in my hair, and the […]