Comments on: Overnight Amtrak — Never Again! Natural Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Makeup Blog Sat, 03 Dec 2016 13:32:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: Jack Anthony Sat, 23 Jul 2016 05:41:51 +0000 I always get a sleeper room on the cross country Amtrak trips. I always have a wonderful time. My karma is that I have problems with the Amtrak trains being extra early. We arrived in Los Angeles from Chicago two hours early at 6am. So I had to wait 2 hours for my reserved limo ride to pick me up. On the next trip to San Francisco from Chicago we arrived again 2 hours early. Only once did I get an Amtrak train that arrived late and that was because a car refused to wait for the train to pass and we hit the car holding us up for two hours I have never been on a plane that was early much less on time.

By: Tama Fri, 10 Jun 2016 17:51:14 +0000 Totally agree. AMTRAK SUCKS THE BIG KUMARA (sweet potato) as we say in New Zealand LOL!!!

AMTRAK need to take a lesson from European trains. Cheap, classy and fast.
Just saying LOL!!!

By: L.A.West Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:18:27 +0000 THE ONE AND ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL ACROSS THE COUNTRY ( USA ) IS A ROAD TRIP! Set it up to be leisurely, even paced, with hotel reservations all locked in. Don’t stay anywhere where the room is under $150.00 per night -double queen beds-full amenities – and lots of close by dining choices. Talk to the AAA people about a trip-tic with all of the road maps, information you’ll need to enjoy your trip. It’s well worth it…
Share the driving with another person…who is fully competent to drive safely so that you could take a nap… enjoy quiet time – no cell phone chatter – no constant music – and also be a match to yourself to enjoy conversation on the same level.
If you take a pet – that will require a whole set of special circumstances to accommodate it.
Stay focused and situation alert if you’re two women – as we were… keep your cell phones fully charged…in case you need them.
Have blankets, pillows, sweaters, light jackets, eye wear within easy reach – as the climate can suddenly and drastically change without warning. This is really obvious as you make your way through the mountainous regions.
Have water, drinks, snacks, medications handy.
Make rest stops to stretch, walk around, take in sights and points of interest, take photos. Don’t forget to pack your cameras and binoculars.
Make sure you stop mid day to enjoy a nice lunch… and get a fresh cup of Coffee to sip on when back on the road…
Don’t talk to strangers about where you’re going or where you’re from…if a man, take note his vehicle if you can. We found we being shadowed in by two guys in Iowa, who took notice of us at an Oasis station and tried to talk to us – I was savvy enough to notice them shadowing us – I tried to ditch them twice and they followed us into the little burgs I pulled into – back on the highway- we spotted a State Patrol Car in a truck weight station and instantly swung in right next the two Officers in their car – and pointing out we were trailed by two creeps- they went after them – we went on our way without further incidents.
Our nights in our hotel room was very pleasant – we stayed at Holiday Inn Express – Marriott Inn – exclusively.
We never took on more than 450 – 500 miles a day. We always hit the road at 8:30 AM and called it a day by 4:30 PM. Checked in at the Hotel, unload needed luggage – go for supper. In our Hotel Room by dusk if we dined out – showered – made our phone calls and progress reports to family – and then it was “Lights Out” by 9:30-ish…
We did this four times – FOUR separate cross country road trips. Just two 40 year old women. Only one problem with being stalked.
Wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for young women…
But what fun we had.
I hate Flying since 9-11 – and would never take a bus or train.

By: Sandra Battle Mon, 17 Aug 2015 01:44:24 +0000 I traveled by train on the “City of New Orleans ” from Chicago to Jackson Mississippi. It was a pleasant trip. However, it was very cold at night and sleeping was a little uncomfortable. There food in their dinning car was good. They restrooms were very clean. However, they next time, I will get a sleeper car.

By: Josh Tue, 26 May 2015 23:58:30 +0000 Try Alaska Railroad or the Rocky Mountaineer those are REAL passenger trains. Amtrak in this case AmTRASH isn’t what it was VIA Rail in Canada is better.

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By: Anna Wed, 06 May 2015 20:52:32 +0000 If you decide to travel in a private room, my advice to you is – hold onto your valuables. We caught our train attendant, Pete, going through our things. He told us he was changing the sheets – an hour into the ride, with 5 more hours to go. At the end of the ride we realized that our wallet, which never left the room, was missing. What’s worse – the train attendant actually asked us to wait 24 hours before doing anything, in case the wallet turns up. It didn’t. We called customer service – they told us to call during the work week (it was Sunday.) We called on Monday – they opened a case and we haven’t heard from them after that. A week later we called to follow up – and the representative told us that we should have called Amtrak police. Nobody told us this entity even existed. Very well, we reported the theft to Amtrak police, and today, two months after the incident, we are still waiting for the resolution. Oh, and the detective in charge of our case is now on a month-long vacation, and nobody else can touch his cases.

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By: EvoStreaming -- Regarder Film Loading Complète. Wed, 01 Apr 2015 02:41:10 +0000 EvoStreaming — Regarder Film Loading Complète.

Overnight Amtrak — Never Again! | Afrobella

By: Beetz mee Sat, 31 Jan 2015 17:51:08 +0000 Folks, this is why government run anything proves the private sector ia always better. Period. And people wonder why Obama care is so f’d up…..sigh……no matter, on to trains. This has to be the lowest rung of public transportation. At least, for the most part, buses are shorter in duration and equally miserable.

One would rather piss and shit in a home depot homer bucket than use thes filthy, urine soaked accommodations. And the food! Mmmmmmmmmm, tasty. Nothing says fine dining like hotdogs and microwave pizza from food brands even Mexico would suspicious.

Can’t get too down on the help. They are, what they are. Any would leave for a 25 cent raise if they could get it. If you think riding one of these bed bug expresses is bad, try working one. All vestiges of dignity are extinguished along the way and looooong ago earlier in their “careers”. Sure.

AMTRAK is for the hearty. Former citizens of Russia might be okay with it but, that’s about it. Them and maybe somalis or former citizens of Afghanistan. Take lots of vitamin c and bring a first aid kit and lots and lots of hand sanitizer. If you get a cut, seek prompt medical attention. No shit. Get a tetanus shot prior to travel and pretty much any shot you may need for those traveling to the Congo or Ebola River basin might need. Play it safe.

These fecal boxes are best admired from the sidelines as you wait for your rental car. Charming? Sure. What rail isn’t? But, in reality, they are something out a horror movie and you pay dearly for the abuse. Skip it. Hitch hiking is better.