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MJ says:
July 26, 2010, 11:37 am
I absolutely would NOT put a weave in my toddler's hair. As a child's parent, I have a responsibility to make sure my child is healthy, including her hair. My mom braided up my hair all through elementary school. In middle school, I wasn't allowed to wear it out. In highschool, I wasn't allowed to get a relaxer or color treat my hair. My mom always told me that I had beautiful hair and to do any of things would destory it. Now as an adult, I relax my hair, got a highlights a time or two, and now I'm taking my hair health seriously (with my mom saying "I told you so!" LOL Can you imagine a toddler getting weaves all the time? When she grows up she will have serious damage to her hair and would take her a very long time to get it healthy. And besides all that, she has to learn how to love herself exactly how she is - hair and all so when she grows up with a strong sense of self, she will love herself regardless of whether she chooses to rock a weave or not!


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