I’ve been known to chuckle at a Steve Harvey joke from time to time. His delivery amuses me. His opinions…not so much. In fact, it doesn’t really surprise me when Steve Harvey – or any other comedian, really – says something ignorant.

It isn’t the comedian’s job to be wise, it isn’t the comedian’s job to educate. For the most part they remain completely dedicated to just trying to be funny, by any means necessary. And if you call them out for being ignorant or wrong, that is their first line of defense, and you’ll be attacked as having a broken sense of humor. Can you tell that I’ve heard this all before?

So when I read this post over at Honey Brown Sugar – Steve Harvey Doesn’t Like Our Hair – my eyes just kinda rolled themselves.

To quote:

I could really care less if Steve Harvey likes my hair to be quite honest. BUT, yesterday someone brought to my attention a topic that was discussed on his morning show and I just had to share it with my girls! From what I understand, the conversation went as follows (Special thanks to the person who shared this with me!):

A lady called in to ask the guest stylist a hair related question. As part of her question she mentions she is natural and wears her hair twisted and untwisted for the crinkled look. She wanted to know how to keep her hair from breaking and how to keep it moisturized. The guest stylist then proceeds to give her a product recommendation (from the line he was representing, Soft Sheen).
Steve then throws in the following question: Do you have a man? The caller responds by saying “yes”, he then goes on to ask, “how does he like your hair?”, she then says , “he doesn’t like the natural look”…. Steve’s response: “I knew it! YOU GONNA LOSE YO’ MAN!” and then they cut to a commercial.

Oh Steve. You of all people should be more sympathetic than that.

I wish there was audio of this, because it would add context to the comment. All I can do is speculate as to what Steve Harvey meant to say, or would have continued to say. And in my view – any man who has had a hair journey like Steve Harvey, should be more sympathetic and appreciative of natural hair.

Yes. Steve Harvey has had a hair journey, and quite a public one. Now he’s bald, and looks good with it! Go ‘head Steve! But let’s not forget the past. The website Bald Outing has done a great job of making sure that won’t ever happen. (Yes, Bald Outing is exactly what it sounds like. Just in case you were wondering about any of your favorite celebrities!)

In the 90’s, Steve Harvey was clearly struggling with hair loss – as pictorial evidence reveals.

Then for a while he appeared to have the perfect hairline. Too perfect, some might say. So straight. So neat. Like the very microphone he’s holding in the photo below.

Then there was the hat phase. Remember that? Yes indeed. Good times.

I’m not one to speculate, but you should go ahead and Google Steve Harvey wig or Steve Harvey hairline and see what comes up. Or check out the Facebook group, Steve Harvey, We Know That’s A Wig. Mmmm hmmm. Point made.

Barber to the stars Maurice Manley once told me that he’s got a secret “blending technique” for clients with male pattern baldness. It involves specialized trimming, and sometimes the use of fill-in hair fibers. Maybe that’s what Steve Harvey was doing – maybe it was never a wig. I’m not here to disparage the man. My point is, Steve Harvey has had his ups and downs with hair and trying to keep up appearances. He knows what that feels like. He’s finally chosen to embrace what his hair wanted to do in the first place. And I bet he feels freer for having done so.

In light of that, I think it’s unfortunate that he’d feel the need to come down on a sister who’d most likely had a hair journey of her own, and is free to make her own hair decisions. Telling her she’s gonna lose her man because of how she’s wearing her hair isn’t an enlightening, informed or necessarily correct message.

So I gotta say from the bottom of my heart: Steve Harvey, your response was ignorant and wrong. There are beautiful black women all over the world, who wear their hair kinky, coily, natural and free – and are loved and in happy relationships of all kinds. There are so many men that LOVE women with natural hair!

I wish your message to that young woman had been positive. She admitted that her man doesn’t like natural hair, and that’s bound to be painful and difficult for her. Instead of making her feel bad, that was a great time for you to say hey girl, if your man doesn’t appreciate your natural beauty, then he’s got a problem. You need to let him know how that makes you feel. If he really doesn’t like it and refuses to change his mind – you should discuss that aspect of the relationship and your feelings about it, before you go about changing your appearance just to satisfy his shallow, appearance based desires. It’s not a pithy 10 second soundbite, but jeez. Something. Anything more inspiring and intelligent than what you actually said.

But hey. There I go again, having expectations of a deeper message from a comedian.


What’s your view, bellas? And – bonus question – what advice should Steve Harvey have given the caller?



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