Afrobella on The Root!


“She was born in Compton. I was born in Trinidad, the most southerly island in the Caribbean. She was raised to become a tennis superstar. In high school, my tennis instructor quietly took my parents aside and let them know that their child was ”more of an academic.” But now that we’re both grown women, […]

XCVI Giveaway Winners!


The entries for the XCVI giveaway came in on both Afrobella and on my YouTube channel – and WOW y’all gave me LIFE with all that fashion inspiration! Now I feel the need to dress up my XCVI Silver Queen Tunic Top even MORE! It is never easy choosing winners, and because of the size […]

Vogue Africa, We Hardly Knew Ye


Mario Epanya had a dream, and did his best to make the dream become a reality. The dream was Vogue Africa. Epanya – a photographer from Cameroon, who is currently based in Paris – shot a number of beautiful covers. His goal was to prove that Vogue Africa could be viable, vibrant, and admired. On […]

The World’s Longest Locs


Originally posted at They measure 19 feet, 6 inches long. When dry, they weigh four pounds. When wet, at least ten pounds. Asha Mandela has the longest dreadlocks in the world – making her an official Guinness World Record holder. For Asha, it’s more than just a hairstyle. It is a way of life, […]

Ask Afrobella — Teenage Love and Natural Hair


Can I just say – I love the natural hair community!! Online and in real life, all over the world — when women with natural hair see each other, we smile. We compliment each other. We show love. And that positive energy we generate is a self esteem booster for ourselves, and for younger generations […]

Donyale Luna – Forever Fascinating


If I had to look back on all the posts I’ve written in these past four years and choose the top five most popular…the Donyale Luna: Lost Ones post would definitely rank high on the list. I wrote it in 2007 and to this day I still get occasional comments on it. I’ve had comments […]

Estée Lauder’s America’s Night to Repair Event!


You’ve read my review – I’m still loving Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye. And I know many of you are dying to give it a try — and here’s your chance! Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 22nd. From 5pm to 9pm, there will be a special Estée Lauder’s America’s Night to Repair Event […]