My Monday Manicure – Nail Art FTW!


My experiments with nail art have been hit or miss thus far. And a recent experiment was such a miss, I was like – lemme just stick with bold bright nails and keep it moving. Clearly I don’t know what I’m doing with nail pens or mini paintbrushes. But last Friday, I was lucky enough […]

Caress Girls Night Out Giveaway Winners AND Mixtapes!!


Apparently I’m gonna need a new way to judge the success of my giveaways. Now I’ll need to know – did I get lots of retweets? Lots of comments? And most importantly – was there a resulting MIXTAPE?? Or TWO? For the Caress Girls Night Out Whipped Souffle Giveaway, I asked you to leave a […]

Want Of The Week: Low Heeled Shoes from


Lately I’ve come to some sad realizations about myself as a fashionista. I can do some pretty great makeup, I’ve got a decent accessory collection, and I know how to pull an outfit together more or less. But my shoe game is weaker than weak. And it’s all because of my flat, flat feet. As […]

Last Days Of Summer Shoes


My very first summer in Chicago has been nothing short of glorious. Clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and a city ripe for the exploring. Who could ask for more? Well for someone like myself with super flat feet and the sometimes-painful issues that go with that, I’d have to admit that a pair of comfortable […]

Today on Afrobella Radio

Tomiko Fraser

I hope you tune in today for an awesome episode of Afrobella Radio! Clicky click to listen live at 10 am Central, 11 am EST – today I have two amazing guests and I’m SO excited! First off I’ll be talking to amazing model Tomiko Fraser Hines, she has done everything from incredible runway work […]

9 Years Later, Still Missing Aaliyah


Undeniably beautiful. Ridiculously talented. Her style, her voice, and her music will forever be an inspiration. 9 years ago the world lost Aaliyah. And still to this day, the loss aches to those of us who loved her music and grew up watching her share her talents with the world. We still miss you, babygirl. […]

Afrobella’s Top 5 Favorite…Cover Girl Makeup Items


Hey! Ho! It’s a makeup video! I’m doing something a little new over on the ol’ YouTube channel – taking my 5 things lists over there. And for the first week I’m doing a top 5 dedicated to a makeup brand I often take for granted. I’m talking easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl. I know […]