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By: Dasheen Thu, 05 Aug 2010 21:04:37 +0000 Bella,

I’m glad you had such an awesome time! And I am so distracted by that necklace lol Is there a closeup? Your jewelry finds are always so fun and unique.

I must say that the first full made up face I ever got was the day of my college grad pics and it was all Estee Lauder. I walked into MACYs and the lady at the Estee Lauder counter hooked me up. I didn’t know how to say no then, so I brought almost everything she used on me except an $80 brush… smh I was like no way. Estee Lauder is a kind of dream makeup stash. Currently, the only thing I have/LOVE from them is a shimmer powder in Creme Caramel (CCO get). It is so beautiful on brown skin.

By: the diva Tue, 03 Aug 2010 19:53:05 +0000 It’s funny you should mention the Estee Lauder Night Repair, because I have some in my medicine cabinet! I received a freebie, due to some class action lawsuit a while back. So I definitely plan to use your mixing tip. Did they give any tips on enlarged pores? I suddenly seem to be cursed with them. Not a good look…..