Afrobella Radio’s Hair Steamer Giveaway!


If you missed last week’s episode of Afrobella Radio, you missed out on a lot! The music of Sister Nancy, the inspiring words of Kim Coles, and a fantastic giveaway! Click on the radio to hear last week’s show, learn the backstory behind Kim Coles’ famous “woo woo woo” on Living Single, and for details […]

Behold, Bon Bon Vie!

brown skin lady Bon Bon Vie tee

I love seeing the passage of time, and what effects it has on our lives. Flashback to 2007. At the time I lived in Miami and needed a logo for my relatively-new-but-gaining-popularity blog. And Shari Neal was an up and coming graphic designer in Chicago. Shari submitted the winning entry to the Afrobella logo contest, […]

Happy Birthday, Afrobella!


Well…belated birthday. The actual first post went up on August 14, 2006. It’s so strange and wonderful to read it again. I can still remember how I felt as I wrote it – like a flood of words was just flowing out of my fingertips. I had SO much to say! That post reads like […]