My Monday Manicure – Nail Art FTW!


My experiments with nail art have been hit or miss thus far. And a recent experiment was such a miss, I was like – lemme just stick with bold bright nails and keep it moving. Clearly I don’t know what I’m doing with nail pens or mini paintbrushes. But last Friday, I was lucky enough […]

Caress Girls Night Out Giveaway Winners AND Mixtapes!!


Apparently I’m gonna need a new way to judge the success of my giveaways. Now I’ll need to know – did I get lots of retweets? Lots of comments? And most importantly – was there a resulting MIXTAPE?? Or TWO? For the Caress Girls Night Out Whipped Souffle Giveaway, I asked you to leave a […]

Want Of The Week: Low Heeled Shoes from


Lately I’ve come to some sad realizations about myself as a fashionista. I can do some pretty great makeup, I’ve got a decent accessory collection, and I know how to pull an outfit together more or less. But my shoe game is weaker than weak. And it’s all because of my flat, flat feet. As […]