Every Halloween, something comes along to offend. College co-eds in blackface and politically incorrect costumes are par for the course. But this year the offense and annoyance comes from a totally unexpected source.


Yes, the benign and tame department store has stepped into some hot Halloween mess thanks to the poorly titled and concieved wig they’ve got for sale online.

It’s called the Ghetto Fab Wig. Pause for a second and drink that in. Then read the description:

“Dance the night away in Halloween costume wigs. The disco-inspired Afro style of this adult wig makes it perfect for your festive outfit.”

I’ve been called oversensitive in the past before, because in general I’m not a fan of afro wigs. Because most often, the people I see wearing afro wigs – and dreadlock wigs, let’s not forget about those – are just looking to lampoon naturally textured black hair. And my hair isn’t a joke, a trend, a prop, or a costume. It’s real, it’s special, and it’s beautiful.

I really feel like Kohl’s dropped the ball here. What do you think?

Luvvie went in too! So at least I know I’m not alone in being offended!

PS: BEHOLD the power of the internet! We posted, we complained, and Kohls has responded.

Also, the manufacture of the wigs in question is California Costume Collections – this wig is distributed at many stores for Halloween and you can be “ghetto fab” in brown, black or blonde. SMH. Hopefully the company themselves will recognize that this kind of name is unacceptable.

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