Even MORE Sesame Street Natural Hair Goodness

Syd loves I Love My Hair! (Thanks Annella!!)

This has been quite a week for a new muppet on the small screen! The Sesame Street natural hair muppet has been blogged about EVERYWHERE. On my Facebook page she stirred up controversy – The Fashion Bomb blogged about the dissenting opinions here, and the Hey Bella Blog expressed some concerns as well. But for […]

Internet Pirates

Photo from www.whostolemyidentity.com

For some reason I feel the need to start this post with a little Donny Hathaway. We’re alone and I’m writing this blog post for you. In my career in the blogosphere, I’ve experienced so many things. I’ve recieved more than my share of blessings, and found some good friends and wonderful opportunities that have […]

DIY At Home Body and Hair Beauty Recipes!

photo by Carol Cain for Blogalicious Conference

Just in case you want to have a little fun in the kitchen and missed out on my Kenmore cooking demonstration at the Blogalicious conference…here’s a video! Now everyone can see me make DIY beauty products in a faux kitchen! My first recipe was an at-home hot oil treatment, I mixed coconut oil, olive oil, […]