Miss Jessie’s Giveaway Winners!

Miss Jessies Super Sweetback

WOW, y’all were feeling that Miss Jessie’s giveaway! 169 of you entered, but only 11 will win. So without further ado, here are the winners! 1. Supa Natural 2. MzMillion 3. MzPastryChef 4. C Michelle 5. Soleilchocolat 6. Notorious Spinks 7. Daree 8. Warrior11209 9. Aretha Thompson 10. Momof3girlz 11. Angela A Congratulations to you […]

Say a Little Prayer for Aretha Franklin

young aretha franklin

When the news hit that she was sick and had been hospitalized, many assumed they knew the cause. I heard two Chicago-area DJs LOLing on live radio about the possible cosmetic reasons and their expected outcome of Aretha Franklin’s hospital stay. I wonder how they’re feeling now that the news has been released. The Queen […]