12 Days of Giveaways! 3 Huetiful Steamers!

2010 has been quite a year. Through the ups and downs, you’ve stuck by me and I am thankful for every one of you! To celebrate 4 years of Afrobella, my site being back up and running, happiness and health – I’m giving you 12 Days of Giveaways!

On the 3rd day of giveaways, Afrobella gave to me…3 Huetiful Hair Steamers!

You’ve heard me rave about it, you’ve heard just about every other natural hair blogger rave about it. I really think the Huetiful Hair Steamer is the bee’s knees. Not only does it hydrate my hair, but it helps my existing products to work even better!

If someone asked me what my pick would be for the #1 gift for natural hair lovers, it’d be the Huetiful Steamer. It’s amazingly effective, and of a price that makes for a really perfect under-the-Christmas-tree surprise. So I am honored and delighted to host this giveaway for all my natural hair loving afrobellas!

THREE of you will win a Huetiful Hair Steamer and their special hair product system – sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and hair masque with moringa oil.

You gotta do TWO things.

#1 – If you’re on Twitter, follow Huetiful on Twitter. If you’re on Facebook, “like” them on Facebook.
#2 – leave a comment here telling me why you’d be so excited to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer of your own.

And because it’s Christmas Eve, I’ll leave these comments open till Monday so you can have time to get your last minute shopping done, make those holiday treats, open your presents, enjoy time with friends and family and THEN comment on your favorite blog! ;)
Merry Christmas! Good luck!

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  1. I’ve been wanting one since they came on the scene. *sigh* I pray that I win because I can’t afford one.

  2. I want to win! It’s brick outside in New York and my hair is shedding like crazy. I could surely use this product to help salvage the strands I have left.. :p

  3. Would love to have the Huetiful Hair Steamer. My natural hair is dry and I get so tired of sitting around for hours with a conditioning cap on the get the moisture I desire. This would be perfect for moisturizing my natural hair in colder weather. Luv it and luv you, Afrobella!!!

  4. i’d be super excited b/c my hair is UBER dry and i know this will help it retain moisture…also i’ve read so many great reviews about it, what naturalista wouldn’t want one????? *fingers&toescrossed*

  5. HappyToBeNappy says:

    I would love to win this steamer. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them, but money has been tight this year so I haven’t been able to purchase one. My naps would greatly appreciate something like this.

    Aisha HappyToBeNappy K.

  6. OK, did what you asked, followed on Twitter and Facebook!

    I would love one of these, I am a natural chick and I am always looking for ways to soften my hair and keep it moisturized without adding a ton of products. I’ve heard great things about Huetiful! Your plug definitely convinced me that I need to obtain one!

    *oh please, oh please, oh please!* LOL!

  7. I would absolutely love to own a Huetiful steamer to help my ravished hair come back to life. During the winter, my hair has been taking a beating, leaving it extremely dry. I usually wear my hair in protective styles during the winter but for once, I would love to wear my fro without worry of my hair drying out. Have a happy holidays!!

  8. i’d love a huetiful hair steamer because I want to try it out. and not just for myself either, but my friends as well. I have heard of how effective they are and would really like to try it out for myself.
    also, all the women in my immediate family are natural, and many of my friends are natural or transitioning. i like to help them out by giving them information, and one day even giving them samples of products and doing their hair for them as well. i think this would be very beneficial in helping spread the natural hair-love. :)

  9. I would love to win the steamer because I just celebrated my one year natural anniversary in November and I think the steamer would take my hair care regimen to the next level! I have heard fab reviews about it and I think it is a must have item! And maybe it will help to keep my product junkieism at bay for a while :)

  10. I would love to win one of these. I live in MN and these harsh dry winters really do a number on my tresses! I think I would look so cute getting my internet hustle on while having a nice spa treatment on my hair! Thanks for hosting this!

  11. Allison West says:

    I kid you not…..I had a dream last night that I won one of these! I would love to win one because it’s hard for me to keep my hair moisturized, and from what I’ve read this helps alot. Thanks!

  12. i would LOVEEEEEEE a huetiful steamer bc it will make my hair amazinggggggly soft !! and my hair needs it with this on & off cold weather confusing my hair.

  13. Dineen White says:

    I would be excited to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer of my own, because I would be able to regularly treat my lovely natural hair to a special treat at home. It would be an additional part of my regimen for keeping my hair nourished and hydrated through the winter.

  14. Please pick me because I want a beautiful and healthy head of hair like you Afrobella!
    Happy Holidays

  15. I would love to win this steamer because I seriously need to get into a deep conditioning regimen. This will be the perfect thing to get me started on developing a healthy hair habit.

  16. I could do some serious and wholistic multi-tasking…steam & read, steam & text, steam green beans (sorry, I was on a roll!). The possibilities are endless! I love the concept of adding steam to ones hair and would absolutely love one!

  17. I want to win so that I might gracefully whip my hair back and forth up and down the streets of L.A!

  18. Lori Ferisme says:

    I WANT TO WIN!! I would love the hair steamer because I’ve heard so much good things about it. I recently went natural and I know this steamer would be a wonderful addition to allowing to have healthy, growing, long hair. Thank you for hosting this!

  19. I would love to win a huetiful because I have been wanting one since I saw your review on Youtube. I want to be able to deep condition my hair really well.

  20. Wow! I would love to have the steamer. I would use it take care of my hair and do facials.

  21. My girls and have natural hair. It’s been hard finding, as well as affording, products and equipment that will compliment our hair.

  22. Salon Kelley says:

    omg My name is Salon, but I can’t do a lick of hair! Me and my 3 girls would be sooo thankful to win the Huetiful Hair Steamer and their special hair product system! Being that i can’t afford for us to visit the hair Salon, this product would most definite be very beneficial to our hair! Please choose us! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

  23. ooooh nice! I would love one because I know they are an essential tool to maintaining healthy, moisturized, curly hair! Especially going into the winter season. Merry Christmas Eve!

  24. I would LOVE a Huetiful Hair Steamer because I have a great friend who just went natural and she can’t stop talking about it! I’ve been natural for a year now and I have a tough time maintaining moisture in my hair. Living here in Gary, IN it is extremely cold and my hair would LOVE this steamer! Being a single-mom of a 7-yr-old boy, working part-time, completing my graduate degree in Accounting, and beginning to sit for the CPA Exam has taken ALL of my time and ALL of my money! Would be great to win this steamer so I can look fabulous while pursuing a better life for me & my honeybear! :-)

  25. Kiwistardust says:

    (I’ve done #1)

    Excited? That’s an understatement! I would be amazingly thrilled to receive this! After a year of being natural, this would be a healthy incentive to promote the growth of my 4b hair! My roommates would benefit too, because all 3 of us are kinky natural-bellas! Here’s for hoping :)

  26. I just BCd my hair on 12/19, my 42nd birthday. This steamer will be a great way for me to begin my natural journey!

  27. Happy Holidays! I am a natural hair newbie and would really like to try his product that everyone is raving about. I’ve only been natural for about 6 months, but it’s been a great journey. Prior to this I hadn’t seen my natural hair since I was 16. Thanks again for the prospect of winning such a fabulous gift!

  28. Yay! I am excited about this giveaway. The reason I’d love to have this steamer is simply because since being natural, I’ve had problems with very very dry ends. I’ve tried trimming, dusting and everything else. I find that my hair is hard to penetrate therefore I believe this would be the thing to work for me. My goal is to have healthy not healthy-looking but healthy hair with some length to it. If only I could get this dryness under control. Peace and thanks for offering this giveaway to us.

  29. I’ve been searching for a better way to make my current products work better, and without having to spend non-existent grad school student money (lol). After reading all of the reviews I just know I have to have one! At least that way I can join in the praises with the other bloggers/vloggers of the world.

  30. Yay! I am excited about this giveaway. The reason I’d love to have this steamer is simply because since being natural, I’ve had problems with very dry ends. I’ve tried trimming, dusting and everything else. I find that my hair is hard to penetrate therefore I believe this would be the thing to work for me. My goal is to have healthy not healthy-looking but healthy hair with some length to it. If only I could get this dryness under control. Peace and thanks for offering this giveaway to us.

  31. I would love to have the Heutiful Hair Steamer! A friend of mine is getting one for Christmas and I’d love to say I got one too! Of all the youtube videos I’ve watched I’ve heard wonderful things about this steamer and the results are always awesome. Fingers crossed!

  32. Although I’d love to win and keep the Huetiful Hair Steamer to manage my own short natural hair, I’d like even more to give it to my bestie for moisturizing her lovely long locs. Winters are brutal and keeping her hair in good condition is a struggle. The Huetiful Hair Steamer would make it so much easier! I’ve followed Huetiful on both Twitter and Facebook!

  33. Yay! I am excited about this giveaway. The reason I’d love to have this steamer is simply because since being natural, I’ve had problems with very dry ends. I’ve tried trimming, dusting and everything else. I find that my hair is hard to penetrate therefore I believe this would be the thing to work for me. My goal is to have healthy not healthy-looking but healthy hair with some length to it. If only I could get this dryness under control. Peace and thanks for offering this giveaway to us. And happy holidays to you and yours.

  34. I pray I win, because my hair is as “dry as a powder house” (grandma’s old saying) I’m 5 months into going natural. Trying to maintain without a beautician. Pick Me Please!

  35. Judith Carroll says:

    I need some thing to help my hair get it’s moisture back. My scalp is so dry that dandruff shampoos do not help at all. So i would be happy to win one so that i could wear my hair out instead of covering it with a hat or scarf.

  36. My thick, thirst mane can really benefit from this steamer! I’m a broke college student, so its outta my budget. Please pick me!

  37. Hi, I would love to have a Heutiful. Its cold up here, and I am currently without a blow dryer to deep condition my hair. I constantly battle with dryness all year and this looks like it would solve my problem.

  38. YES. Oh, Bella, what fabulous things I’ve heard about the Huetiful Hair Steamer… let me count the ways. Hydrating my poor dry-dry strands, boosting the impact of my fave products, giving my husband yet another hair-related thing to gawk at (haha). Alas, there are too many to count. I already “liked” them on Facebook several months ago. Merry Christmas!

  39. I want one because i want my hair to grow :( that’s all, so simple. i think huetiful will take my hair to heights unseen …..

  40. I am transitioning to natural. My hairdresser uses a steamer on my hair at the shop. I’d LOVE to have one at home. My scalp stays dry in the winter. Blushblog has followed on twitter and “liked” on facebook.

  41. I didn’t know I was “natural” until recently. LOL. I’ve been chemical free for almost 6 years now. I’ve read about the Huetiful Steamer on several blogs this year and keep promising to treat myself to one, but, alas…something always comes up (e.g., shoes/clothes for my little one). So winning a Huetiful Steamer would be grand!

  42. I would love a hair steamer because I know it would make my hair sing and would be a great present because this is the first Christmas I am seperated from my family due to a military commitment.

  43. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway Afrobella! I have been having a difficult time with frizziness and keeping my hair hydrated. I work in a very dry environment so this would help to moisturize my hair and keep it healthy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

  44. Nappy Mind says:

    My hair has been natural for over 20 years but this year it is extremely dry. I wore locks for 12 years, twists for several years, and now a TWA. The conditioners I use are ineffective. I need the Huetiful Steamer to bring back the moisture. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  45. I would love the steamer because my moisture “situation” is just a H.A.M. After relocating to DC from AZ, my hair is going through some stuff trying to adjust to the drastic climate change.

    I follow you & huetiful both on Twitter.

  46. I would be excited to win a Huetiful Steamer because I need to step up my deep conditioning treatments in a real way!

    Also, anything that can help me maintain my fabulous on a frugal budget (via making my products work better) sounds ideal.

  47. I would LOVE to have this steamer!! my hair is THRISTY and with the boost of moisture and can rock my TWA with even more pride! For my 2011 resolution I’m working to grow this thing out past the awkward stage!! *crosses fingers*

  48. I went to a hair salon in Atlanta and they used one on my hair and my hair never felt so healthy! I cannot regularly visit this salon because I got to college in Pittsburgh and NO hair stylist has heard of one or uses one.

    So with that said, having a steamer of my own will help me and my hair get through the nasty winter that is ahead.

  49. ChrsLvsBks says:

    I’d love to win this for my mom. I do her hair, and I know she does not do DT. This would be perfect for her to do at home when I am unable to do her her.

  50. Well…I have heard some many good things about this steamer.. I would love to try it. I love being natural..I have really falling in love with my hair,I’m sure we hear that all the time. For one thing I want this steamer.. I want to have healthy hair. All the curls I lack..all the kinks I have..I’m ready to have the ultimate moisture system..which is this Huetiful Steamer!!! My hair has come along way. This time last year I was lucky to see my crown area growing back..at 24 yrs old..I was fearing I was about to go bald..so I will be so grateful if I could win..<3!

  51. Angela Murphy says:

    Clicked on your FB page.

    The reason why I believe I should receive one is because I just can’t buy one right now. I am getting ready for marriage and I would love to have my natural hair in a nice long soft state. Right now its hard for me to get my hair on point and rock the curls that I know I have because my hair only responds well to creamy products. So to have my hair long and curly for my wedding would be a wonderful gift from your prize.

  52. I would be so excited to win because I have heard so many great things about this steamer and I am positive that its exactly want I need to add to my beauty regime. I have been looking for a tool and products that will hydrate my locs so I can grow them to their full potential. I would absolutely love to have this steamer.

  53. I can’t afford to go to the loctician every two weeks to get my hair done, but doing it at home means either letting it air dry, not really an option in the winter, or sitting under a regular dryer which dries my hair out. This would be a dream come true.

  54. I like them on Facebook. I am transitioning and having a steamer will decrease dryness, breakage, and encourage growth. I want healhty hair! Can’t wait to do deep conditoning with a steamer.

  55. I would love to win a huetiful hair steamer. I just clipped off all of my premed end in September. And the ends of my hair are very dry and can truly benefit from the moisture the steamer would provide it. I love hearing all of the rave reviews about the huetiful hair steamer from all of my natural sisters and I would love to be down with the crew lol.

  56. I already follow Huetiful on Twitter & I like them on Facebook.

    I’d love to win this steamer because I’ve heard amazing reviews about it. I have dry scalp and my hair is always dry. I’d love to add this to my hair beauty regimen to maintain my hair’s health.


    @HavillandSavage – Twitter

  57. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I would be UBER excited to win a Huetiful!!! Though I am not a natural hair bella, my colored tresses seriously need the hydration during the harsh winter months. Plus, I love to style my own hair so this would be a great tool to pamper my mane! :)

  58. I follow Huetiful on Twitter (@MoniKnits). I would love to win this because I just found out that there won’t be one under my tree this year. I’ve been lusting after a steamer for months. I’ve heard so many good things about the Huetiful steamer and it would make dc’ing so much better.

  59. Carmel Walters says:

    As some of you may know, winter time in Canada can be very harsh. I’m 17 and natural and upon recieving negative comments repeatedly at the hair dresser i’ve decided that I’m taking my tresses into my own hand. My hair is naturally very dry and I think having the heutiful hair steamer, based on all the reviews i’ve heard about it would be very beneficial to me. So for those reasons, I would be very excited to win the heutiful hair steamer because it would liberate and empower me to begin taking care of my natural hair myself (at least I believe that) and help with my extremely dry hair problem, because clearly lol my suave conditioner isn’t working. Thanks for your time. – Carmel Walters

  60. Are you kidding me. I sooo want to win this. I need some moister in my hair ASAP! I’ve been natural of about a year and a half now and I’m still having issues of my hair being dry no matter what the season. I’ve also been keeping an eye on this steamer, but I just haven’t had the extra money to buy it. I sure hope I’m one of the ones who wins this. You have NO idea how much I need it. :)

  61. This is great!!! I have done both in #1..

    As for why I would love to win one.. with my hair at new lengths its getting harder to maintain this winter and keep the moisture in.. I need winter hair therapy & this will definitely help! Thanks for the opportunity bella!

  62. #1 Check !! Niknik23

    #2 I have been natural for @ 7 years and lost my way and wanted to give up but, Because of all of the info being put out now, I am falling back in LOVE with my Natural Hair. I almost feel like a newbie and I have heard nothing but good things about the hair steamer.
    Crossing my fingers that I am selected !!
    I would love to host a hair day at my house with my natural friend so that we could all get good use out of it !

    Good luck to the lucky winners of the Steamer.

  63. Due to current circumstances with my hair, it is in dire need of some special care. I would be really excited to win the Huetiful system and products because it would be a huge bonus for my fried locks. I would love to be able to have beautiful, moisturized hair. Especially in this Florida climate!

  64. I would love to win because I think it would hydrate my scalp.

  65. Tanisha Latrice says:

    I have heard how wonderful this steamer works from your blog and other natural sites… I would love to have this so I can cut down on the Dominican salon trips and save money to buy a house :)

  66. Cassandra Moore says:

    omg I’m obsessed with product and I haven’t even tried it yet, but everytime someone on youtube does a product review on it, I find myself drooling! Just like many people have already said, its cold outside and this dry air is taking a toll on my hair, I don’t care how much moisturizer you apply to your hair, we all know that real moisture comes from H20…I think my hair would really benefit from the huetiful steamer.

  67. I’ve seen some beautiful magic happen to women with natural hair online with the huetiful steamer. I went on line to look fore it and alas, cannot afford it at this time. I have been Unemployed for over 12 months and have FINALLY gotten a job that starts in January (THANK YOU GODDESS, UNIVERSE) but during that time the maintenance of my hair was lacking and as shamed as I am to admit…I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY HAIR. I had been skipping relaxers out of necessity and my hair is a MESS. If I could get a huetiful through this contest or eventually when the steady checks start rolling in I will be pleased as punch. As I have learned, through the slight taste of “poverty” about being natural. Not only the value but the spiritual awakening of acceptance. True acceptance.
    Thank you Miss Afrobella for informing me along the way and guiding us to a more authentic existence!!! Yay you!


  68. Taheerah M. says:

    I have a friend that introduced me to a steam treatment last week. I really enjoyed it. Needless to say there are no Natural salons in my area or any that use the steamer. I would love to be able to treat my daughters to the same moisturizing treatment I had experienced.

  69. Ive been fantasizing about a hair steamer ever since I stopped relaxing. Having been relaxed since childhood, Ive never really learned how to care for my natural texture. Its been tough keeping my hair natural conditioned and moisturized.

    The hair steamer would be the best thing Santa-Bella could leave under my tree!

  70. I will be excited to win this so it can help with my natural hair journey

  71. I am following and liking Huetiful..

    I have heard so many rave reviews of the Huetiful Hair Steamer that I would love to try it out and give feedback to my friends and blog followers!!

  72. I have heard so many good things about the Huetiful Hair Steamer. I’ve been eyeing it for months. I would love to win one because it would give me a healthier choice over heat. It would give me the ultimate deep hair treatment so that my hair and scalp will be happy. If I win, thanks in advance!!! Good luck to all!!

  73. Angie-Babe says:

    I’ve completed #1, and I would be excited to receive a Huetiful hair steamer (with its wonderful products) because it would do wonders on my natural hair without having to resort to a salon. We’re all short on cash in these times, so it would definitely help out! Please make my hair Heutiful!


    I would love to have a Huetiful Hair Steamer because it will help me and my 10 year old obtain healthy, natural hair. We want to fully embrace our natural hair and I know using this as part of our regiment with assist us in growing long, healthy, strong hair.

  75. I am training to become a hair stylist, but I am the ONLY Black woman in my salon, and the only Black woman with natural hair that my coworkers see in the salon! I get a lot of questions about how my hair “works”, and how I achieve styles like two-strand twists and twistouts from both stylists and clients. I’d love to have a Huetiful steamer to help grow and maintain healthy natural hair to serve as an example to those around me. My dream is to have a BAA to contrast with all the fine, stick-straight styles that are usually done here!

  76. I completed # 1.

    I would love to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer because since I’ve been natural and taking care of my hair it has really suffered from dryness. And I’ve heard so many fabulous reviews for the Huetiful Steamer and it seems like a natural hair must. And being in college and in a city where winter last months with harsh weather, I would really love a steamer that is portable and would provide so much moisture in the comfort of my room. I would love to win this! Thanks Afrobella!

  77. I’ve been a follower of both @Huetiful & @Afrobella on Twitter for quite a while now.

    I would love to win the Huetiful steamer because I have been reading on a number of hair blogs about the effectiveness of adding steam to one’s hair care regimen. I follow a lot of the advice, but the steam is my missing component – So, by having a Huetiful steamer, my hair will get the moisture it needs and make the products I apply to it much more effective!

  78. I would love to win a Huetiful Hair steamer because I am newly TWA/natural, and I have recently been making the change to a more natural healthy lifestyle. As a newbie, I am enjoying reconnecting with my hair, and I would LOVE this steamer to allow more time to style and hydrate my hair to its maximum potential!

    My hair is constantly thirsty, no matter how much water I consume in the day or essential oils, or products I put on my hair. I believe that the steamer would give me the additional moisture that my hair has been longing for!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  79. Hi there! I believe I should be fortunate to receive the Huetiful Hair Steamer because although I never had or used one because I can’t afford one I have been telling everyone I know about all the great things I have heard and researched about the product. I have been promoting the Huetiful Steamer like as if I worked for the company (which I don’t LoL). I recently had gotten 25 of my friends on FB to post the phrase “The only thing I want for Christmas…a Huetiful Hair Steamer! http://www.behuetiful.com” on their pages. I also gave each of them detailed information about the product as well as made sure to answer any questions from their friends that made comments on their post. I did all this hoping I can get some kind of discount on one of the steamers for myself but if all my hard work can result in a FREE gift then I would be so happy!! All I want for Christmas IS the Huetiful Hair Steamer…FOR REAL!!! Below are the names of the 25 friends that posted the phrase on their pages. I’m on the Behuetiful.com mailing list and also a fan on Facebook, hope to hear back from you! Thanks

  80. HoneyBrown1976 says:

    I want to steam my hair properly; however, I do not have the funds to do so. Now’s my chance to do it. It would make the end of my difficult year well worth it.

    Merry Christmas.

  81. Arlene Noboa
    Ebony B Dasrath
    Marlena Fernandez
    Tara Byron
    Elizabeth Shortydoowop Rodriguez
    Wenndy Carrero
    Cynthia Calderon Garcia
    Suhai Colon Kennedy
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  82. I would love a huetiful hair steamer cause it would be an awesome 1 year natural anniversary present for me. also since my hair is very coarse and dry i love going to my natural salon to get steam treatments. Having my own steamer would save so much money.

  83. Just liked them on FB!
    I’d really enjoy using the steamer as part of my overall spa/deep conditioning day! I give myself a break and dedicate one day a week to just doing nothing but pampering myself.
    On Wednesdays, I treat my hair and touch up my mani/pedi. I really go all out: masque, scrub, mani/pedi, steam face. It would be awesome to also steam my hair. Whenever I go to the salon and I am having my hair straightened, I always get the steam treatment! It really makes a difference.

  84. I’ve already liked Huetiful and wanted one since seeing this magnificent wonder two months ago! To be honest, I’m going through a divorce and don’t have the extra money to buy one. I’ve transitioned in July to natural and my hair is growing lovely but lack soo much moisture. I take better care of my hair NOW than ever before. Watching others using Huetiful Hair Steamer and seeing amazing results would be the perfect gift to me.

  85. The main reason I would be so excited to have this would be because I have steamed my hair in the past and saw the results! In awe~! It was so great, so soft, but I didn’t have my own steamer so unless I get one or build a Sauna in my apartment… Heh.

  86. I would love to win the steamer! I’m all about really taking care of my natural and know that having the steamer would really improve the moisture level of my hair.

  87. 1#Following huetiful steamer on twitter. 2# I would be so excited to win this steamer because I have always wanted one since I first started transitioned 1yr and 8months ago. When I first sat under one I was in heaven, but they were alittle pricey for me. I would also be excited because I have never won anything in my life and this could be something both my daughter (14yrs) who is transitioning and I both can benefit from.

  88. I like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

    Moisture moisture moisture….Anything that would help me to retain moisture is worth trying. I’ve seen great reviews on this product.

    Thank you.

    Happy Holidays.

  89. melorie poteat says:

    I would love to win the steamer. There are four natural heads of hair in my house just screaming for a dc treatment with steam. Thank you.

  90. I would love a Huetiful steamer for my hair! I was in Saudi Arabia in 1997 for my last duty before leaving the Air Force. My hair became so damaged from the sun and hard water that I cut it off and went natural. I’ve been natural since then, and I have never known how to properly care for my hair until now. It seems to be brand new with all of the info I’ve discovered on natural blogs, Youtube, and Facebook! I’ve learned soo much, and one thing I now know is my hair needs more moisture! The Huetiful steamer is what I need to take me in the right direction with my hair! As with all of the ladies who commented before me, times are hard and to receive this gift would be a blessing! Thank you!

  91. I’d love to win one of the steamers for several reason. (1) is that I am a product junkie and I love promoting products that I believe are wonderful products. I believe the huetiful steamer to be one of those products. (2) I am currently 7 months into transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I want to transition my hair for a year and keep it deep conditioned and moisturized. I believe the steamer will help in that area. (3) I was laid off this year and cannot afford to purchase a steam so to win one would be AWESOME! : )

  92. I would love a hair steamer because I know it would take my DC treatments to a whole ‘nother level. My husband is struggling to find adequate employment right now, so purchasing one for myself is not an option. Winning one would be super. My mom is natural also, and we could share it!

  93. I would be excited to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer of mine own simply because I never owned a hair steamer of any kind. I had a hair dryer a few years ago and it broke. I guess from years of much usage. I couldn’t afford to replace it so winning a Huetiful Hair Steamer would be a great treat and so appreciated! My hair is calling for some serious pampering :)

  94. I would love to win the steamer. I try to dc every week, and it’s hard with just airdrying when I’m trying to train my natural head.

  95. fancyfatfemme says:

    I follow huetiful on twitter (@fancyfatfemme).

    I would lovelovelove the huetiful steamer. Unfortunately, it’s not in my budget as a teacher. I’m a lifelong natural bella, but I’ve never experienced the luxury of a steam treatment.

  96. I would be beyond excited to win one of these.. My hair needs it soooo badly…. I’ve tried deep treatments with plastic caps but it’s not cutting it Trying to get it back in a good health and this would certainly do the trick…Please…please…please..lol

  97. Hi Afrobella! I would love to win one of these steamers because as a broke college kid I cannot afford one myself. I am also coming up on my second year natural and I know being able to better take care of and deep treat my hair will help me get form collarbone length to bra strap length in the coming year. Thanks so much for this contest!

  98. I would be so excited because this will be the first addition to my “Pamper Me Routine”. I don’t get enough of that chasing behind twin boys, working full time, and pursing an advanced degree. Since it is cold, cold here in the Midwest, I can transport myself to the coastal sea islands via my brand new hair steamer!!:)

  99. The battle to hydrate is a non-ending one. I’d luuuuuuv this steamer to get my curlies the full-on hydrated love they deserve.

  100. I WOULD **L O V E ** the Huetiful Hair Steamer because my friends and I just started our very own Natural Hair show, and I would love to share my experience with our audience on how wonderful the product is!!

    I DC every week, and would love for the Huetiful Hair Steamer to be apart of my regimen! Thank you for you consideration on this matter. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and YOURS!

  101. momof3girlz says:

    I follow them on twitter! I have three little reasons to win this prize, my beautiful daughters. Winning this steamer would allow me to continue provide them with super hair care at home. I would also be able to pamper my locs as well. I stay home with my daughters which means that my husband and I have to cut back on the extras. Winning this give away would be SO appreciated! Thanks! :)

  102. I would be SO excited to win this steamer because I’ve been oogling it for months now even though it is really out of my budget. I’ve tried to make DIY hair steamers and they’ve all failed and I know that the Huetiful steamer would help a lot with my transition :)

  103. I have heard so many great things about this steamer and would love to incorporate it into my regimen! My 1 year nappy-versary is Jan 1st and winning this steamer would be a great way to celebrate!

  104. I follow Huetiful on Twitter and like them on FaceBook. I live in a cold climate and could benefit greatly from the Huetiful Steamer during the long winter months we have in Michigan. As I’m teaching African American mom’s how to care for their daughter’s & son’s hair I want my hair to be an excellent example!!

  105. I would love to win the hair steamer. I’ve heard people talk about how soft it makes their hair feel. I’ve only been natural for 7 months but i get so many complements about my hair way more then when i had relaxed hair. I love my hair and being natural makes me feel better about me. Knowing that this is my hair and i grew it long w/o a relaxer. I want to take better care of it and if i have the streamer i would be able to deep treat my hair. PLZ PLZ PLZ pick me as one of the winner :-)

  106. I follow on twitter and facebook (Ciae& twit and Naps kinks love fb)
    I would love to win because my pockets are pretty darn empty and quite frankly I would assume if it was meant for me God would bless me with this wonderful invention for FREE FREE FREE lol. But seriously, this would be so helpful to the few curls i have. Toni (my hair) would be happy for it.

  107. I would love to have my own personal hydration tool and miracle worker for making my hair ohhh so soft and alive. I know that Huetiful steamer is up to the job. So Huetiful, here is your personal invitation to my home for many blissful nights of hydration for years to come. No need to RSVP..I will be waiting.

  108. One of my 2011 resolutions involves pampering my hair more, and this is why I would be excited to win one of these hair steamers!

  109. Afrobella!

    I already “like” Huetiful on FB.

    I need this Steamer in my life!!! I’ve had the pleasure of using one at my stylist’s salon, but I’d love to try it at home. It would become my hobby to steam with as many different concoctions as I can. The first one I would try is Organix Coconut Milk Condish with Wild Growth Oil on top. Then, I would try Olive Oil Replenishing Condish with Olive Oil on top. The possibilities are endless!

  110. Deirdre Jackson says:

    I would be so excited to win one of the Huetiful Hair Steamers because I believe it would benefit ME!! I am getting older and my hair is thinning out. I used to have beautiful, thick, healthy hair. Now I have to really work with it. I believe the drying out of my hair is a problem. I have been using chemicals on my hair for years now and I believe that is what’s causing the thinning and the damage I have acquired thus far. HELP!!!

  111. I would love to win the steamer because it would be perfect for my transitioning hair and it would help me in my journey to becoming au nappturale!

  112. 2011 will be my year of healthy mind, body, and soul. One of my goals are begin and maintain a healthy hair journey. Excessive heat and harsh chemicals are out the door. I have recently come to the conclusion that I am unable to retain length because my hair is shedding because it’s brittle and dry. This steamer will allow me to reach my goal by restoring moisture within my hair shaft.

  113. irresistible nikki says:

    I already like you on Facebook. This would be a great gift for my sister and niece, my sister sturggles doing my niece hair whose is thick and wavy like mine was when I was younger. This would be a life saver cause my lil niece says she wants her hair to stay like it is she doenst want it straight.

  114. Sharyn Felton says:

    I would really love to be the receipient of this steamer, although I am not new to being natural I need to update my routine of moisturizing my hair and this steamer will do the trick. I also would like to use the facial steamer and give my skin a good treatment, gimme gimme, LOL!

  115. Oh man, I have had my eye on this particular steamer ever since I started transitioning. I’m almost at my 1 yr mark. When I reach it, I’m going fully natural. This would be the best thing to have. My hair is always dry, and I think this could solve all my hair woes. I want fabulous hair in 2010, so I figure the most fab product on the Natural hair market would do the trick!

    Happy Holidays Afrobella!

  116. I live in a VERY dry climate and my hair is fighting to retain its moisture all year around. This would be very helpful! I hope I win :)

  117. I follow Heutiful on twitter – name is smilefest.
    I would be so excited to win this bc it would be great for deep conditioning!! Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!!

  118. I am having great difficulties with my hair since opting to be natural. Granted there is information everywhere but it’s overwhelming and at time cost prohibitive especially now. When I first heard of the Huetiful Steamer I knew this is something that would help me manage my hair even if I could only use the lower priced hair products. My hair is tightly coiled, dry and frustrates me most days. Not a day goes by that I don’t think to pick up a relaxer but looking at all the beautiful natural hairstyles and the versatility I don’t want to give up too quickly. This would be the perfect Birthday/Christmas gift.

  119. Ismelie F. says:

    I would absolutely love to win this Huetiful Steamer. Ever since going natural I solely have learned to take care of my own hair. I follow a lot the natural hair blogs and the Huetiful Steamer has received great reviews. My hair is extremely dry and the Huetiful Steamer would be a wonderful addition to my natural hair care regiment. I would feel as if I’m at the spa with my very own Huetiful Steamer.I would love to purchase this on my own, but I must be wise right now since I’m expecting twins (a boy and girl :) this upcoming April 2011. At the moment all my extra funds are going towards preparation of the twins, as I may not be able to return back to work. In conclusion, I WOULD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TO BE A RECEIPENT OF THIS AWESOME HUETIFUL STEAMER !!!!!!

  120. I would love to win this steamer, I’ve seen such great reviews about it! My last relaxer was in April of this year so I am trasitioning but I refuse to do a big chop. I have been conditioning/moisturizing my hair like crazy to keep my relaxed ends from snapping off and also to baby my thick roots. My hair is in better condition than it has been in a long time but I’d love to give it more TLC. The Huetiful steamer would just do wonderfully. Happy Holidays!!

  121. I follow both you & Huetiful on twitter & FB. Been a naturalista going on 2 years now. I’ve been looking for a steamer ever since my experience @ Sutera salon while visiting a friend n atlanta. My goal is to have the best healthy hair possible & I believe the Huetiful Steamer will help me achieve this My hair is not crazy dry but I know the moisture inffused thru steaming will definitely be beneficial. I would love to be chosen as a winner 4 this giveaway.

    Also would like to thank you 4 this site & what you’re doing for naturalistas/fashionistas abroad. You’ve been a true inspiration to me. Thank You & Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2 you.

  122. NewYork Girl says:

    I would love to win the Huetiful Hair Steamer because I’m new to wearing my hair natural (2 weeks) and my funds are low from purchasing natural hair products I’m learning about for my new and exciting journey. The Huetiful Hair Steamer is on my WISHLIST!

  123. I would definitely love to win the Huetiful Hair Steamer because my natural hair has become so darn dry and lifeless during this season, and because I was laid off from my job of 13 years this past June, unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase one for myself.

    Keep blogging, and keep inspiring! Happy Holidays!!

  124. I have been stalking this steamer for a minute. I really want to try it because I think it may be just what I need to step up my at home hair care results. I’m also into taking care of my skin and love that I can steam my face as well. This would be such a great Christmas present. Please, please, pretty please… with a cherry on top. lol :)

  125. This steamer would be great for me. I’m natural and I have extremely dry hair. I recently moved to a city that doesn’t have a natural stylist so this would allow for better “self hair care”.

  126. i would be soooo EXCITED to win because it would give my newly BC’d (december 11th) hair a jump start to healthiness! ive been wishing for a huetiful hair steamer for a longgg time now

  127. Lady Lynne says:

    I experienced ‘hair steaming’ for the first time when I visited a ‘natural hair’ salon last month.My hair LOVED it. My hair was so soft afterwards. I’ve been wanting one ever since.

  128. Myra Aletha says:

    I would be so excited to receive a Huetiful Hair Steamer because I would be able to enhance the natural beauty of my daughter’s hair who at 13yrs of age I refuse to put a relaxer in her naturally thick but beautiful tresses. I enjoy shampooing, deep conditioning, and blow drying her hair. To see her hair shine and know that with a Huetiful Hair Steamer would really help me keep her hair healthy.

  129. I would love to win the steamer so that I could actually wear my own hair. My hair is completely natural but is hard DIY so I wear a wig daily.

  130. I would love to win a hair steamer because I have been trying to get one but never have the money to do so because of other priorities in my life. My hair is very important to me so I want to give it the best care but sometimes I can’t go get it done. with the steamer I will be able to nourish it at home .

  131. i like them on facebook/twitter. I would love to win it because I want to hydrate my hair with lushness and pamper it thoroughly. I’d love to use this and review it, as well as get the face attachment so that I can get luminous skin to go with my lush hair :)

  132. I like them on facebook. I’ve heard all about the great moisturizing benefits of the Huetiful Steamer, and in addition to bringing moisture to my hair, I’m hoping it would also help my sensitive scalp.

  133. Lisa Donaldson says:

    I would like to own a Huetiful Steamer because I’ve been natural for a year and a couple of month’s and I been wearing the two strand twist my hair is a 3 or 4b and would like to wear it out sometimes but it so nappy I dare not if I had the steamer I think it would soften it up that why I would like a Huetiful Steamer.

  134. Sheree Sanders says:

    I would be so excited to win this hair streamer, because I didnt have a Christmas this year, and my hair is so dry, and dont have money to buy any good hair products..this would be such a blessing! I really need this!

  135. I would love to win a Huetiful steamer because it has almost been one year since I did the big chop and I am loving my beautiful bouncy afro. I was able to use a steamer once at curltopia in atlanta and it did wonders for my locks. I’d love to have one of my own. NOw let me get on twitter and follow these folks. Hope i win!!

  136. I follow on twitter. I’ve been “stalking” this steamer for a while. I’d love to have one because one of my goals next year is to do a half marathon (in April) and I’m constantly washing my natural hair or out in the elements running and preparing. I’d love to have a steamer so a few times a month I can treat my hair to some great conditioning and pampering so that when all this training is done I can still have a great head of hair.

  137. I would love to own a Huetiful hair steamer because it will empower me. I would feel that I no longer have to be a slave to the salon, I could do my own hair treatments and have wonderful results and spread the word to others!

  138. Hey Bella,

    Was just updating my twitter account today, saw you twittering with Kim Coles, and chatting about BC vs. LC, saw Huetiful in the thread, and I linked with them. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

    I hope I win just so I can gift it to my sister (she’s a stay at home mom)!

    Happy Holidays!

  139. Ooh,’Bella, I would be so thankful to receive a Huetiful Steamer. I can so relate to your hair woes in the winter. My hair is so brittle right now. As a mother of a 4 month old, I do not have a lot of time to treat my hair like I used to

  140. I liked them on facebook! I would love a hair steamer because my hair is dryyyyyyyyyyy! Anything would help!

  141. Yikes ‘Bella, my phone sent my message before I was finished. I was also going to say that I don’t have the extraneous cash to get my hair done, so to win a Huetiful Steamer would allow me to pamper my hair at home. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  142. I liked them on FB.:)

  143. I would LOVE to have a Huetiful Hair Steamer. I have heard such great things about it. I know many salons offer this treatment but I have been on such a strict budget I havent had an opportunity to treat myself. I would savor this product. No seriously. My hair would thank you and I would thank you. Heck my whole family (my two sisters and mom are also natural) would be at my house lined up for hydrated hair! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to you all. :)

  144. My HAIR would LOVE the Huetiful Hair Steamer to add moisture. This would be the biggest and best surprise I have given my thirsty hair !!!

  145. I liked Huetiful Hair Steamer on facebook and I would love to have one because I have heard SOOO many good things online and on youtube.

  146. I just found out about this product due to your blog, it sounds amazing. I’m researching it now and I am convinced that I must have one. I have been natural for 5 years and I’m still struggling when it comes to finding the right moisturizers for my hair. I think this steamer will be a great help.

    Please make my wishes come true! And happy holidays everyone!!!

  147. Traci Simpson says:

    Hello! Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!! Well I would absolutely LOVE to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer because after seeing countless video reviews on Youtube and reading more and more about hair steamers and their many benefits, I was absolutely hooked!! Although I know everyone is having a sort of financial drought this year but this year has been tough on my family and I just wouldn’t feel right to ask them for one. Any who :D, this would be an amazing gift that I could not only enjoy myself, but share with my mom and three older sisters! (I love telling them about hair products, especially if I had great results with them. The topic of hair alone gets my blood going :D)Well Thank you soo much and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Oh and Happy New Year’s!! Be safe out there! :D

  148. Traci Simpson says:

    Oh and I liked them on facebook as well!

  149. I NEED a steamer because after a year and a half of no relaxer, I know my hair has STILL not reached the full potential that it can be.

  150. I like Huetiful on fb (www.facebook.com/Ms.Kitty). I would love to win one of the steamers for myself and my roommate. I’ve been completely natural for 1 year and I’m so proud of my hair. I’m beginning a hair challenge in January and I would love to add the Huetiful Hair Steamer to my routine because I know it will help condition and moisturize my hair. Also I’m trying to encourage my roommate to go natural and her biggest concern is whether her hair will be manageable without a relaxer. If I win this giveaway the Huetiful Hair Steamer will help both of us to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair and help her to embrace her naturally beautiful self.

  151. I would love to win the steamer because I have horrible, tight, dry scalp in the winter and I believe that if I could moisturize my scalp and hair by steaming, it could resolve my skin and scalp issues. Thanks for the chance to win, I love what you ate doing here.

  152. I need a steamer in my life because my hair told me so.

  153. #1 done
    #2 I would love to win a steamer to help me transition my hair to natural, I am currently 11 months post relaxer and I’ve been towel steaming my hair and I see a major difference in moisture retention and manageability. So for me to have my own steamer machine would make things a lot easier than how I currently steam my hair.

  154. I have liked the Huetiful Hair Steamer on Facebook. I would be elated to win this steamer because it will help me to care for my newly natural kinky curly hair. I’ve fallen back in love with my natural texture and learning the best techniques to care for it has been an ongoing journey. As the mother of a three year-old boy and a full time graduate student, occasionally my hair gets neglected. The Huetiful Hair Steamer will help me to provide my curls with the pampering they deserve. Have a Merry Christmas!

  155. I am a newly natural, and i am fighting with this season to keep my hair moisturized. The Huetiful Hair Steamer will solve all of my troubles.


  156. I need this steamer in my life! I am convinced it will help me with my long-term transitioning from relaxed to natural. I have grown to love learning how my hair reacts to different styles and products. I am dedicated (maybe a little obsessed!) with making my hair as healthy as possible, and I think the Huetiful steamer would be the perfect compliment to my current regimen.

    Thank you for your website, and have a wonderful & merry Christmas!

  157. I am now a follower of Huetiful on twitter. I’d be excited to get this steamer just because so many natural hair bloggers recommend it. I’m sure my hair would benefit from it.

  158. D.Michelle says:

    I would love to win the huetiful steamer and have liked their facebook page. I have been in a length rutt and I know this will be a great addition to my regimen.

  159. I ‘d love to have this because I never win anything. Moreover, my hair would love to start the new year huetifully.

  160. amberchella says:

    Dear Afrobella,
    You keep rocking my world! This Huetiful Steamer is awesome. I just googled and youtubed it and reading/seeing the info almost brought tears to my eyes (maybe it’s the cheap champagne) but I’ve been trying to get more moisture into my natural hair and goodness I hope this is the ticket! The facial steamer would be a blessing as well! Merry Christmas Eve! I’m following Huetiful on Facebook & twitter now. Thanks for the tips Afrobella!

  161. Lori Grier says:

    I “liked” the Heutiful steamer on facebook. I have been wearing natural hair for the past 14 years. For the last five years I have been wearing locks. For the first time, one month ago, I had my locks steamed at Khamit Kinks. What a huge difference!!! Nobody had ever steamed my hair before. My locks looks much better — the way they would look if I were in the climate of my ancestors. It is no longer dry and looks healthy. I could really use a steamer of my own to return the moisture to my hair, even in between salon visits.

  162. #1 is completed.

    #2 The Huetiful Steamer would be wonderful for my starter locs. Honestly, in the beginning, it was done all wrong (black protein gel). Now, I’ve washed it out and started a bit fresh with shea butter, olive oil, and Organic Loc Creme.

    It would be wonderful to continue this harsh Chicago winter & start off Spring with awesome locs that aren’t dull or crappy looking by a lack of moisture. It would make a better impression for the start of my new job & boost my confidence all the way up!

    Thanks for these Giveaways and for never giving up on your amazing blog!

    Happy Holidays!

  163. I liked them on both twitter(sweetallure) and facebook(Leslie White).

    I would love to win one because I am a faithful deep conditioner, I do it every week without fail and I just think my hair would benefit so much more from this type of treatment with my deep conditioning.

  164. I would like the Huetiful steamer because my hair loves the moisture of water and it makes my hair grow. I recently had a HORRIBLE trim and lost a few inches of hair. In order to even my hair I had to go back to a very TWA. Sure could use the boost!

  165. I need this hair steamer in my life!! Please make my Christmas wish come true.

    Happy Holidays :)

  166. AfrikanLatina says:

    I’d be sooooo freakin excited to win a Huetiful Steamer because my hubby and I are expecting our second child in May. With that child is going to come some crazy postpartum shedding and as much as I will love that little emperor or empress I am going to cry because my hair is falling out all over the place. I hope to combat the PPS even just a little with an ayurvedic regimen and the Huetiful Steamer would help all that dirty herbal goodness penetrate my hair even better. I wish this were in our budget but it isn’t so winning one would be stupid dope awesome lol :)


  167. PLEASE let me win a steamer! =) I’ve been natural for close to 1.5 yrs (and Im lovin it btw) but as many naturals with my hair type Im suffering from dry hair. I’ve tried every product under the sun…just about and I still suffer from dry hair/scalp. If the Huetiful hair steamer can help cure the two I would be forever GRATEFUL. Help me Afrobella/ Huetiful! My natural hair and scalp will thank you! =) Merry X-Mas! I’ve been a follower on a Twitter for awhile (googlemebabe) and Im a fan on FB.

  168. jamila covington says:

    I would love love love to have one because I just bought one for my sister for a holiday gift and I had instant envy. We do everything together – so it is only NATURAL that I should be giveaway-gifted one too, right?

  169. My hair’s been experiencing some pretty hefty dryness because of the crazy east coast weather, and THIS…would be heaven for my hair right now! I try to deep condition each week, but still feels as if something’s missing. After hearing all the great reviews would love to see what the hype’s about;-)
    Already follow huetiful on Twitter and about to like them on Facebook……NOW!

    Have a Great Holiday;-)

  170. I NEED this one! I am joining the “natural movement” after 20 years of relaxers. My hair and scalp are in need of some extra TLC. Would love to start 2011 “whipping my hair back and forth” and having it look good without chemicals.

  171. Candice Selby says:

    I desperately need a Huetiful steamer because I am 9 months into this transition and I need help!! Lol. I am experiencing some dryness and detangling issues. I need the Huetiful to help me out so that I won’t give in to the creamy crack!

  172. YaHighness says:

    #1 I completed the two.
    #2 I would really really love to win this steamer. Every contest I’ve entered to win it, unfortunately I have lost. When I fantasize about this steamer, I think of all the awesome deep conditioners and hot oil treatments my hair strands will gladly thank me for. The moisture, moisture, and more moisture that my hair will thrive as a result of this highly recommended hair steamer. Moisture, deep conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments OH MY! Can you sense I REALLY would love this in my life??! Pretty, pretty please Afrobella :) *smiling from ear to ear*

    Happy Holidays and God bless <3

  173. Why would I be OVERJOYED to win the Huetiful Steamer?

    1) I’ve tried (and failed) going natural about 4 times. Each time, but biggest issue is DRYNESS and an inability to change it. I’ve only recently seen things that could possibly alleviate that issue. This is one of them!

    2) I’m definitely a gadget girl, and quite frankly, this seems extra cool :) *hangs head,lol*

    3) And lastly, I’m a brand new mommy! So trips to the salon aren’t exactly going to be easy for me. I’d like to take care of my coif as well as I can from the comfort of my own home.

    Thanks for reading!

  174. I would LOVE the steamer for myself, but I would love even more to give it to my beautiful younger sister (@webkham on Twitter). She recently graduated from college, and is the one who encouraged me to go natural! I know she would absolutely love and use this gift! I did go under a steamer when I had a relaxer, and it left my hair incredibly hydrated. Anyway, keep up the great work and Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, God bless, and thanks for the opportunity to win such a great gift :)

  175. I’d love to be able to so this kind of hair treatment at home. The natural hair salon here is not in my range and I think it’d be good to help treat the breakage around my edges.

  176. I’m newly natural and loving every minute. However I’m on a budget. I would love to win a steamer for Christmas!!!

  177. I liked it on facebook. I would be excited to get this because my goal for the new year is to have healthier natural hair and I think this would help me accomplish it.

  178. I told my partner I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a steamer for Christmas. Of course, she asked why and I explained the benefits for her 10 year old locs and my loose natural hair. I actually, stalk http://www.behuetiful.com weekly (and sometimes daily) to check the availability. So she has been on the search for a steamer for us and I keep suggesting Huetiful. The winter has been harsh on our hair the Huetiful steamer would solve all of our issues (especially dry hair).

    BTW, I follow Huetiful on FB and Twitter. (This is my 2nd time trying to win a steamer. I’k keeping my fingers, toes, and curls crossed, lol)

  179. I know a couple of people who recently got one and love it. I also hear stylists recommend it in their salon, but I’m rather do it at home. I would share it with my little girl. :)


  180. After trying countless other moisturizing treatments including henna, bentonite clay, and mayo with eggs, I’m ready to get back up on the horse and try it again. Hopefully this steamer could be the end all, be all for my hair. Please give hope a chance!

  181. I need this steamer in my life! I’m always looking for ways that I can maintain moisture in my hair. No easy task. I’ve tried some homemade steam treatments with minimal results. It’s time to get a professional on board, the Huetiful steamer!

    I’ve followed on twitter @ holly9olightly and liked on FB :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  182. I like Huetiful on FB. I want this in my life because I desperately need moisture in my hair.

  183. Liked Huetiful on facebook. I have friend with one and I’m tired of going to her house every week to deep condition my hair (i’m pretty sure she’s sick of it too!)

  184. I would love to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer! My hair is extremely dry, because of that I wear extensions most of the time; due to the fact that I am often too afraid of public opinion to brave showing my natural hair.I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have MANAGEABLE natural hair! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win this Godsend of a product…

  185. I am a long time dread girl and I no longer get excited about hair products. Except this one! Omg! I had my locs steamed at khamit kinks in NYC and it was wonderful. Here in Austin, there’s not a lotta natural hair salon choices and none that pamper you with a steaming! I’d love to have one!

  186. My hair is screaming” I NEED HUERFUL HAIR STEAMER !!!!”

  187. I really would like to win a steamer because I am struggling to keep my hair moisturized. I hear people talk about sealing in moisture and what products to use and my hair still seems to stay dry as a bone. I think this steamer will help in reaching my goal of having uber fabulous hair!

  188. My coworker keeps talking about her steamer. I would love the opportunity to have my own.

  189. Kimberly Dunwoody says:

    The Miami sun can wreak havoc on your tresses. I could greatly benefit from any mechanism that would allow me to optimize my hair’s moisture. Also, I am looking to become relaxer free. I do not relax often, anyway. I feel as though the Huetiful Hair Steamer would be a great tool for hair transitioning. I so need this!

    I am changing my diet, with plans of incorporating juicing, fitness and an overall life makeover. A Huetiful Hair Steamer would be the icing on the cake, as I look to make over my hair diet/regime’ as well! Claiming it!

    I have connected with ‘Huetiful Hair Steamer’ on Facebook. Peace and Blessings!

  190. I liked it on Facebook. I want the Heutiful steamer because I’m 6 months natural and still have not perfected keeping my hair conditioned and moisturized to retain my length, define my surls, and keep my hair healthy. Oh and I’ve been stanning for it since its debut and it’s taking me forever to save for it!

  191. Louretha Ginyard says:

    I would love to win the Huetiful steamer because I am going on 4 mths natural and this is my 3rd attempt at going natural. I am fully committed this time but I know one of the challenges for me in the past was keeping my hair hydrated and the shrinkage. I think this would really help with that. Btw..I liked it on facebook.

  192. #1 Taken care of
    #2 I would love to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer so that I can really maximize taking care of my own hair at home. With the hair steamer I can finally get my hair full coverage.

  193. Princess Shim says:

    Winning a hair steamer would be great because I’ve been looking to take my deep conditioning treatments to the next level and sitting under a dryer is simply not cutting it. I’ve been transitioning for 9 months and my hair needs all the help it can get as far as moisture goes. I think steaming would be an awesome addition to my hair regimen.

  194. I would love to win since my scalp is incredibly dry (with dandruff – noooo!!!) and no matter what kind of protective styles I try it’s constantly breaking off. The Hutiful would make my hair much stronger, then I can grow it into some cute styles!

  195. I would love a steamer to cut down on waiting 5-6 hours for my henna treatment to penetrate and cover my gray hair. A lot of the curly heads on http://curlynikki.com rave about it and I wanted to get one. I also apply ayurvedic powders (Amla, Brahmi, Maka) after washing my hair once a week mixed with conditioner and oils and the steamer would allow the powders and oils to better penetrate my hair shaft.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Peace & Blessings :-D

  196. Bobbie Beasley says:

    I am ecstatic to use the Huetiful hair steamer because I know it will work wonders on my recently natural hair! I became natural 2 years ago, but this is the first year that I have comfortably worn my hair out. Although I am in love with my hair it has a tendency to be dry and I am constantly seeking new ways to keep in moisturized. I want my hair to be as healthy as possible so that my 1 year old daughter is able to see what a beautiful blessing our natural hair is. I have had this hair steamer saved to my email for months, lol, but unable to afford it because law school was soaking up my every dollar :) I am truly excited about this steamer and I cannot wait to use it one day!

  197. Hi AfroBella ! :)

    Girl, when I say I need this Heautiful Hair Steamer… I NEED it. To answer your question, I would be excited to win a steamer because it would offer me a better option of taking care of my natural hair. I have been natural for about 2 years now and I’m starting to get discouraged because I don’t know how to maintain my hair now that the perm is gone.

    Im hoping that I will find my natural style answers within a huetiful hair steamer. That is the MAIN reason I would be so excited to win one. I believe that this steamer will make my hair more manageable, and easier on the small budget that I have to take care of my hair..

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    ( I have “liked” heutiful on FB for a while now :) )

  198. Crystal g. says:

    A while back Jill Scott says she maintians healthy hair by letting her scalp bring out its natural moisture in a steamer. I would love to have one of these for a optional conditioning treatment.

  199. #1 – Followed on Twitter
    #2 – I need this steamer to combat against the harsh summers and winters I endure. As a girl who still relaxes her hair, I’m always searching for more ways to impart moisture. This steamer seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

  200. Eliabeth W says:

    Steaming ones hair in the shower every week becomes a bit too much for a country where winter last 7-8 months..I would love the steamer to combat dry hair during these turbulent months.

    I “liked” the Huetiful hair steamer on FB!!

  201. Tara Rogers says:

    I would love love love to receive this great steamer to help combat frizziness and dryness. The more my hair grows out the more frizz I see. My friend went to a salon and immediately noticed a huge difference in her hair after her expierence with the steamer.

  202. Maryam Greenidge says:

    I have been reading wonderful reviews praising this steamer and have been contemplating purchasing it for a few weeks. I desperately need it because the weather in New York makes it challenging to retain moisture. I know that if I add the steamer to my regimen I will no longer have to worry about dryness and I could retain more length while eliminating those silly little knots as well.


  203. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’ve had dreds for the past9 years and this fall I slowly detangle the. It’s been a werid/amazing experience having “out” hair again. I would love the steamer because this my 1st winter in Chicago with “out” hair, as I’m sure you know, it been a little rough keeping it moisturized.

    Merry X-mas!!

  204. I would love to win this b/c my hair is really dry & I would love to be able to steam my hair in other parts of my house instead of just in the shower :)

  205. I want a Huetiful Steamer because my in my opinion it would allow the deep conditioner treatments to penetrate our strands better as oppose to sitting under the dryer. I have 4b hair and our hair type really needs moisture. Going on my second year of being natural, I want my hair to be in the best shape and I know Huetiful Steamer will help my natural hair get there!

  206. One of my goals of 2011 is to continue on the journey to healthy hair–10 months into transitioning to natural :). Moving from the South to an EXTREMLY cold state for graduate school has caused a unique challenge (finding a quality hair dresser & learning how to combat dryness). I’d love to achieve my goal with this wonderful treasure. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  207. For my mother because she just went natural and I would love for her to have it as a gift because she wants to go back to the perm.

  208. Excited? Because natural hair THIRSTS for stuff like this!

  209. Wendolyn Johnson says:

    Because of medication I take for fibromyalgia my hair is extremely damaged-broken to the scalp at the top of my head. I feel that this Huetiful steamer will be what I need for the extreme breakage and dryness I suffer from. Because my arms hurt so badly it would be a pleasure to just sit under it with my arms relaxed and because I am so sensitive to the cold the steam would feel wonderful! Thank you so much for your consideration.

  210. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks so much for giving away a steamer!! This is on my birthday wish list! I would be so excited to have my very own steamer because I’m looking for a way to keep my hair moisturized and to aid in the growth process. I think this is a wonderful invention for us natural girls!!

  211. I’d be excited because it is SUPER cold and dry in Pittsburgh – it would help a lot!

  212. I would LOVE to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer to keep my super thirsty NYC locks moisturized during these uber dry winter months. This is my first year being a curly girl and I certainly need the help with retaining moisture. Its bad enough my family commented that my hair was a brittle and dry as my Christmas tree? LOL.

  213. I would like one for my birthday I live in colorado…tooo dry here. i am a student and fulltime employee. I enjoy taking good care of my hair which is very hard to do insuch dry cleaner. I wish I could own a huetiful steamer.

  214. My 17 yr old daughter and I been natural for 6 months. We love the attention we get from other women as we celebrate the gift of beautiful natural hair God has given us. As we continue to be an inspiration to others we want our hair to be as healthy as possible.

  215. Candyce Noelle says:

    Omg after seeing the pics from the Huetiful Hair Steamer Salon party how could I NOT be excited to win one? My hair seems like it can never stay moisturized and I’ve been trying so much over the past year and a half of being natural. Many of the women in the pics had the same texture as me and it was great to see what it can do! And those from Chicago know that our winters can be mean and vicious on the coils… This would be a merry christmas and happy new years to me for sure!! ^_^

  216. As always I dont expect to recieve anything this christmas agian. But if there was a santa claus and if i could really write to him a christmas list, the only thing that would be on my list woud be this Heutiful steamer! Unfortunetly I am broke, so I dont have any money to buy it, like I intented to earlier this month, (it was going to be my christmas gift to myself lol.) Being a sophmore in college I honestly dont have money or time to detangle my hair. But I heard that this steamer does a great job providing moisture thus less trouble detangling.

    I was hoping to use the huetiful steamer as a conditioning treatment so it would be easier and quicker for me to detangle my hair. Getting this steamer to me means no more knots, split ends, hours of detangling and no more dry hair that this freezing NY weather is casting upon me!

  217. I would love the steamer to help detangle my hair and reduce my split ends :)

  218. I would be so excited to win a Huetiful steamer because it would be a huge help to me and my 12 year old daughter. She has curly hair and I have dreads but would like to take them out. So the steamer would help manage her hair and help me with my huge transition. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  219. I would LOVE to have this steamer! I am trying to grow out my hair and need a good to keep my ends moisturized so I don’t get frustrated and cut my hair off like I’ve done in the past. Pretty please pick me!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  220. I’ll be honest. I’ve been eyeing the Huetiful steamer for a minute but I cannot afford it on my budget.As a natural woman, steam is a must for my hair and this steamer would be beneficial to its health. This is why I want the Huetiful Steamer. Thank you.

  221. I would be soooo excited because I live in dry dry dry Colorado and need the moisture a steamer could provide. Let’s not mention I’m 40 and my hair ain’t what it used to be. Money is also so tight now that there is always more vital inmy household and can’t afford to purchase one. I would be so happy to have one for me and my natural haired daughter whose 15.

  222. I would LOOOOOVE to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer to kick off my 2011 Healthy Hair Challenge just right! After reading review after review on the steamer, it seems like a perfect match made in Heaven! :) My quest is to grow my kinky curly ‘fro out as much as possible, all the while achieving a healthy head of hair. ::says a special huetiful prayer::



    p.s. – Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours! I hope everyone had a wonderful day w/ all of their loved ones. Be Blessed!

  223. I’ve had my eye on these for quite awhile now. My dry hair could really benefit from this in the brutal winter months when I struggle to maintain moisture.

  224. I would love a huetiful steamer because i love wearing my hair big curly and bushy but i want to keep it moist i’m hoping the steamer will allow me to do that this winter as i diffuse more in winter

  225. I follow Huetiful on Twitter & Facebook.

    I’m excited for a chance to win a Huetiful Steamer because of the amazing reviews I’ve read about it & because the only thing better than getting a great, new product is getting it for free!


  226. I would love to win this because I am soooo bad at deep conditioning my curls…I know…BAD NICKKI, BAD NICKKI((slapping my hands)). When I do decide to deep condition this wonderful steamer will help my hair get the extra pep in its step…you know what I mean… I would sooo love to win this bad mamma jamma!!! My hair would give you a hug if it I won…lol..j/k..

    Take care!!
    Nickki B.Curly!

  227. I would LOVE a Huetiful Hair Steamer. As a former naturalite, I succumbed to the creamy crack one year ago, and what a disaster! My hair is dry, brittle and my scalp is screaming for moisture. For the new year I plan to restart a transition back to healthy, wooly tresses. My hairdresser introduced me to the steam treatments with my conditioning treatments. My pores feel refreshed and the steam is like a spring shower for these parched roots. But these treatments are soooo expensive, and times are tough :-( A new steamer would so jumpstart my new beginning. Hope I’m a winner!
    Feliz Navidad!

  228. I would die of excitement if I won a Huetiful Hair Steamer!!! (well, not actually, because I’d want to use it), but I would be eternally grateful. I went natural over a year ago and my hair is moving out of the medium twa phase into whatever phase is between that and shoulder length coils. I struggle to keep my hair moisturized because northeast weather is not a joke. I go to school in Boston (Harvard to be exact) and I’m trying to show my peers that being natural is a healthier, cheaper, and possibly more beautiful hairstyle option, all while juggling a very demanding school schedule (I even started a youtube channel to explain my hairstyles to my friends). A hair steamer would not only provide much needed moisture that the Boston weather is sucking from my strands, and would make this stage of my natural hair journey that much easier for my peers which I try to inspire. Thanks for your consideration!

  229. I am interesting in this steamer to control my dry scalp. My salon just started using the steamers and I can’t afford the prices. I’m officially natural now and trying very hard not to return to the creamy crack (perms).

  230. Next month makes 20 years I’ve been letting Mother Nature style my highly-textured hair. I’ve finally decided now’s the time for me to finally put hairCARE before hairSTYLE. Surely the Huetiful Hair Steamer will infuse therapeutic moisture into my fragile hair, leading to a much healthy mane… so I can love my hair (even more) in the state it’s in.

  231. I would love love LOVE a huetiful steamer! As a newbie in the natural world, I think it would really help me combat dryness, especially with the colder and less humid days. Whatever I can do to get the healthiest, happiest hair possible!
    Happy Holidays!

  232. I would absolutely love the Huetiful steamer, I’ve heard great things about steaming for dry scalp (the biggest problem I’ve had since going natural).

  233. I have wanted a steamer for almost a year and half. I have problems with extreme dryness espcially living in Texas and issues with dandruff. I went to the salon to get my hair done for graduation and recieved my first steam treatment and since than I been hooked on obtaining a steamer.

  234. I have heard nothing but positive things about the Huetiful Steamer. Right now I’m trying to retain length and moisture by doing steam treatments with the hot towel method until I can afford to purchase a steamer or until Santa brings me one ;)

  235. I had my first steam treatment on Christmas eve, and it was AWESOME. The ability to do these in house on my own, would drastically improve the health of my hair.

  236. I have been on a natural hair journey for a little over a year. It is amazing to see the difference between natural and processed hair. I decided to take my daughters (5 and 8) with me on this journey so they can see, learn and experience natural beauty early on before their views are tainted with the ” I must have straight or chemically processed hair rather than healthy hair” idea sets in. Moisture is paramount on this journey and I would be most thankful to own a Huetiful hair steamer for the three of us. Huetiful hair is beautiful hair! :)

  237. motherlovin3 says:

    I would like to win the steamer so I can use it for my hair. I have heard many people speak well of the Heautiful Steamer. I’d really like to have one for myself.

  238. invisiblewoman says:

    i tried to leave a comment on friday…did it not post cause i asked for the help of sweet baby j*sus? lol (followed on twitter)

    seriously though, i have been doing the low buget version of steaming in the shower for a while, running up my utilty bills, only to have probably half the results that this steamer gives.

    also, my 6 year old is loc’d past his shoulders, and the locs have a mind of their own! coconut oil, shea butter, etc.a magically disappear in his head leaving a trail of dryness. this steamer would be PERFECT for us to share…

    have a peaceful holiday :-)

  239. I would love to win the Huetiful hair steamer because I’m natural ,all my relaxed hair is gone and I’m trying to restore and make my hair more manageable and healthy. After a bad relaxer experience I had a few years ago that made my hair have a lot of breakage. I’m now natural and proud and nothing would compliment my all natural haircare routine better than winning this amazing new Huetiful hair steamer =). I have seen so many great video and written reviews and ever since I been wanting to get one. Also my mother is natural she wears two strand twists and this would benefit her hair too. =)

  240. I’d love to win one of these – I’ve been lusting for one for forever! I had a cheapie hooded dryer but it broke recently. :Like mama always says, “You get what you pay for” :(
    Now since I haven’t been able to deep condition for last couple of weeks, my hair has been sort of crunchy and thirsty in this cold weather. I’ve heard Huetiful works miracles for dehydrated hair so this is an awesome giveaway…particularly for this time of year!

  241. my hair is so dry and i have heard nothing but good things about this system! can’t wait to get one of my own

    liked Facebook

  242. I would be excited to win a Huetiful Hair steamer, so that I can pamper my hair and give it something it desperately needs.. The Huetiful will help me to revivie my curls and bring them back to life….

  243. I would love to win the Huetiful Steamer because it is the answer to my hair woes. When I went natural, I was told by a stylist that my hair was very porous and needed a lot of moisture. I never knew that such a product as this existed until AfroBella posted about it on twitter. The Huetiful Steamer IS the tool I need to finally have healthy and vivacious kinks.

  244. I would be so excited to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer because it will better enable me to continue my natural hair journey that is so near and dear to me both personally and academically. As a third year college student at a predominately Causcasian liberal arts school in New England, the pressure to conform to society’s new “norm” (Blonde and straight) is immense. For so long I gave in to weaves, perms, texturizers, etc, but in reading Afrobella’s blog amongst others, I’ve finally realized that what I have is beautiful. I aim to guide other young women in college who are starting their natural hair journey, and having this steamer as a tool will further broaden my understanding (and maintenance) of Afro-textured hair. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  245. …Oh yes, and I followed you on Twitter (username xoxBraveBirdxox)

  246. I really would like to win the steamer honestly because I can not afford to buy one right now. I have been wanting one because of the great reviews that I have been reading and the vlogs that I have been viewing on YT. I also noticed a difference in my hair when I went to a salon and got a DC with a steamer. The results were amazing!! To get those results every week in the comfort of my home in PJs, PRICELESS!!

  247. The winter has been rough on me. Between the dryness of my hair and the dryness of my skin I’m just abt running a race to keep them both in check. The Huetiful Steamer would help me keep my curls nice and moist. Now if only they had one for the body (lolol hhmmm). Followed on twitter @reinedanah and on fb as Danah Gordon. PICK ME PICK ME (fingers crossed)

  248. Afro Bella! First I want to say Happy Holidays!

    Then on to the comment! I have been trying regimens on my hair since I decided to go natural 7 years ago as a 16 year old. I finally got together what my hair needs, which is moisture! Remembering, the review you gave of Huetiful All the qualities of Huetiful would benefit me. Huetiful will help me during my weekly regiment to keep my hair moisturized. Also being able to use it as a face steamer for my skin and clothes would be key, especially with the dry indoor heat. Well Afrobella! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  249. Desiree Booze says:

    I need something for my hair .for so reason it keeps breaking off. Help Help Help …

  250. I would love to win the Huetiful Hair Steamer to help me get out of my natural hair care rut. Being a mom, I have gotten use to wash and wear. I would love to expand on my hair options, and this would help me create a regimen that works for my lifestyle.

    P.S. I added Huetiful on Twitter

  251. I would love a Huetiful steamer because I live in Chicago and the winters wreak havoc on my hair causing it to be super dry and brittle. Conditioners tend to sit on top of my hair and I think that the steamer would help to really mostirize my hair and seal my ends. Its been really difficult for me to find a natural hair stylist here but I have gotten pretty good at doing my own hair. I know that this steamer would help a lot!!

  252. Sebastain13 says:

    I would love to have the steamer to help with my dryness I have been having problems with dryness since I BC in April 2010 I think that if I use the steamer on a weekly basis it help combat this for me I also can share it with my other natural family members(at my home of course)

  253. I would be excited to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer because I want to take my hair to the next level. My hair has been so dry lately even with daily moisturizing. I would love to add the steamer to my hair regime and have knock-out shiny hair.

  254. i would be so excited to win a huetiful hair steamer of my own! i have short hair that tends to break often because it gets so dry! the huetiful steamer would be a step to healthy, moisturized hair!

  255. It would be so awesome if I could the huetiful steamer I live up North…yes Canada and everyone knows our winters are HARSH, so much so that I have to keep my hair in braids in order to keep them somehat protected. Being that I am also Canadian I cannot get the huetiful steamer shipped where I am, and even I could get it I am a BROKE university student and any case it would definitely be the best present that I could get this yesr.

  256. My hair has become pitifully dry and prone to breakage since the fall. I don’t know what the cause of my hair woes are, and nothing seems to help much. I have no doubt that a Huetiful Hair Steamer will revitalize my hair and help me retain some more length so I reach bsl by my grad school graduation in Feb 2012!

  257. I have “liked” the Huetiful Facebook Page. After reading your review on this steamer, why wouldn’t I want one under my tree for Christmas. As a woman who is on her second try being natural, it is essential for me this time around to not give into the creamy crack by having items and products such as this steamer to assist me in keeping my hair both healthy and sexy!

  258. I have been natural several times throughout my life and I am trying to stick with it this time. I have hair growth issues in a certain part of my head and have been searching for alternative ways to get the most out of my products. I know and love the benefits of steaming and would love to incorporate steaming into my hair regimen. Never once has it crossed my mind until hearing about Huetiful. This is an awesome giveaway and I would love to considered.

  259. I have been natural several times throughout my life and I am trying to stick with it this time. I have hair growth issues in a certain part of my head and have been searching for alternative ways to get the most out of my products. I know and love the benefits of steaming and would love to incorporate steaming into my hair regimen. Never once has it crossed my mind until hearing about Huetiful. This is an awesome giveaway and I would love to be considered.

  260. Thanks to your wesbite and other natural hair websites, I’ve been taking better care of my natural tresses. About 6 months ago, I was starting to get bored with my hair( I’ve been natural for 3 years but I didn’t know what to do with it for a long time)! A huetiful steamer would be extremely beneficial to me as I continue my hair journey! The East coast winter has been harsh and I would like to keep my hair healthy during the season. Thank you for teaming up with huetfiul to make this giveway happen!

  261. I would love to win a huetiful steamer. I just cut my locs because I wanted to just wear my hair natural. When I first got locs I would get my hair straightened and I never wore it natural because I didn’t know how to take care of it. Thanks to your website and others like CurlyNikki I am learning what products to use. My hair has been dry and I think the huetiful steamer would really help combat the dryness of my hair.

  262. I would LOVE a Huetiful steamer because living in the Northeast (especially with this blizzard rearing its ugly head at us) my hair is constantly in a perpetual state of dryness. I’d love to be able to infuse some steam moisture in my hair!

  263. Danielle P. says:

    I would love to own a Huetiful steamer! I’m in the process of transtioining and my hair tends to get extremely dry and brittle. I think that the Huetiful steamer would be a wonderful tool to help keep me moisturized on my natural hair journey!

  264. E'Lon Cohen says:

    I would love to own my own Huetiful Hair Steamer because my hair tends to get extremely dry in this harsh NYC winter. It would be great to keep my hair moisturized and to also share with other friends and family who aren’t able to purchase hair steamers of their own.

  265. Sabrina R Perkins says:

    I would so love having a Huetiful Hair Steamer becuase I live in dry ass Denver and need the extra moisture!! I went natural becuase we moved from New Orleans to Denver after the storm and was worried about the change in climate affecting my relaxed hair. It was a blessing in disguise becuse I couldn’t be happier I’m natural. Now…I’m fighting the dryness and the Steamer would be perfect!

  266. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…did I say LOVE???… a Huetiful Hair Steamer because then I could stop drooling over the photo of one I have taped to my bathroom mirror as inspiration to finish school and afford one of my own some day. With 3 small children, a husband, a move to a new city: TRANSPLANTED FROM ATLANTA TO MINNESOTA–YIKES (no offense to my Minneap sisters and brothers), student loans kicking me all upside the butt,I don’t know when I will afford one of my very own. My 3 years odyssey of natural hair care is being truly tested right now by these paper bag feeling, dry as wheat having, kinky-nappy-coily-thirsty knotted strands on my head!

  267. I would really love to win a Huetiful hair steamer because I absolutely love natural hair and I have four children and I do not get much time to do my hair or get it done. I have done hair four eight years but ever since I had my son last year I have not been working. I am always helping my friends out with their hair and taking care of it and if I win i would love for them to come over and experience this product and encourage them to go out and buy one. And being a mom and at home the stress of it all causes my hair to shed and this would really help me feel like I am back in the game as far as hair care.
    Yea!! Huetiful Hair Steamer!!

  268. Liked them on facebook and following them on twitter. I’ve heard so many great things about this steamer…I imagine it’s like going to the beauty shop and sitting on the dryer but vastly better because you’re not using heat (per se). My hair is quite dry, especially with this winter weather, and I am in need of anything that will provide moisture. And what better way to do it than with a treat like the huetiful steamer.

  269. Natasha Henry says:

    Help! I wet my hair everyday to add moisture and to make it more manageable. My mom insists that wearing my hair natural is making it drier, is too expensive, and is not professional enough for work. I am determined to change her West-Indian mind set with a little help from Afrobella and the Huetiful Hair Steamer (not to mention the special product hair system, **swoon**). My hair needs a lot of TLC and I’d be so excited to own one and use it to help convince my mom to embrace natural hair, starting with her daughter’s hair.

  270. I would LOVE a huetiful steamer because my hair is very dry. I’ve been trying everything on my hair to keep it moisturized. However, i have found that no matter what i’ve tried so far, I cant seem to keep it moisturized. I have watched a lot of videos on youtube and they have said that the huetiful hair steamer has had AMAZING results on their hair. I really would like to see the effects that it could have on my hair. I feel that it could moisturize my hair and help to minimize the breakage that I currently have. Winning one of these would be AMAZING and it would be a great addition to my regimen. My hair is very important to me (I even named it… lol) and as an undergraduate student, I feel that a steamer would really make great care accessible unlike my current situation. I hope that was a great explanation!

  271. I would be extremely excited to win the Huetiful Steamer beacause I transitioning and I already am suffering from dryness. I have heard soooo many rave reviews about it. Pleeeeeeeeeease pick me!

  272. I liked Heutiful on Facebook. I would like the steamer because my hair needs extra moisture and this would be great for deep conditioning! Thanks for the giveaway~!

  273. this is so perfect for my natural hair! just what i need to help lock in moisture during these dry months. this will help me keep my resolution of taking better care of my hair in 2011!!!

  274. Is this still open??? I would LOVE to win a Huetiful Hair Steamer because I NEED it for my dry hair!! It’s on my birthday list for 2011 (1/16), so it would be great to win it!! I have been *stalking* them on Twitter on FB, since I first heard about them months ago!! :)

  275. I have been looking into investing in the Huetiful Hair Steamer for a few months now! I’ve been researching it through Youtube and blogs. I actually decided that this would have been the perfect Christmas gift today (lol a few days late, I know!) I am on a healthy hair journey and my locks need plenty of tender loving care and moisture. This is a great giveaway, Afrobella! Thanks for the opportunity! Have a blessed one! : )

  276. Wow. The women I’ve inspired in my local natural hair network might not let me live this one down. I knew the day would come when my not giving in to social media sites would hinder me from something I really want. LOL. Bummer. Steam treatments are AMAZING! I was introduced to the benefits more than a year ago at a fabo salon in ATL and I’ve been singing its praises ever since. I even looked for one for months, which, to my chagrin, was discontinued or out of stock. I was super pleased when you first wrote about the Huetiful Steamer and vowed to one day get one. Well, bella, if there is one left over for a pay-it-forward type natural girl in FL, do give a shout. Our next hair party is in January and the Huetiful Hair Steamer would make for a great roundtable discussion and demo. :) Keep doing what you do!

  277. I’d love a huetiful steamer so that I could use it in 2011 to help moisturize my hair and infuse it with oils it needs for a healthy shine and amazing growth

  278. I would love to win this steamer because I could sure use one for me and my girls. I have relaxed hair but theirs is natural and it would provide the extra moisture healthy black hair needs. I plan on buying one and know it is a good investment but we just could not afford to splurge on it right now just returned to work after a long period.

  279. ngosi ribiso says:

    I would love to win this steamer because I could sure use one for me and my girls. I have relaxed hair but theirs is natural and it would provide the extra moisture healthy black hair needs. I plan on buying one and know it is a good investment but we just could not afford to splurge on it right now just returned to work after a long period.

  280. I would love to have a Huetiful Steamer because my hair will love it, appreciate it and benefit completely from it.

    I think my hair will forgive me for all of the wrong I directed to it, If I include the Huetiful Steamer in my regimen. I believe having a steamer will be a fun step added to my hair regimen and although my regimen may change from time to time… the use of the steamer will not :) Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

  281. Carmel Walter says:

    Also, to add onto my last post. I’m really going through some hard times as I’m sure some other ladies are. I am so determined to win this hair steamer that I’ve entered every giveaway/contest for heutiful steamers thrown at me. I would be so excited to win this heutifulhair steamer because:

    1) Not to get too personal but I currently have no job thus I cannot afford one even to go the hairdresser regularly, which is quite depressing because our hair is suppose to be our glory.

    2) my 4c textured hair is very course and dry, baby i need som heutiful in my life!

    3) I feel having this steamer will empower me to take care of my own hair and go on with my healthy hair journey.

    4) Man I’m going through medical problems and emotional problems and I really just need some happiness in my life you don’t even know.

    And lastly 5) I’m not sure if the facial attachment is included but my face oh man I dont even want to continue on that one, it needs some steaming!

    Now im not trying to appeal to pity here but intact grace, I pray that my determination to win one of these is acknowledged and that you, Heut, will extend your grace upon me, good day. – Carmel Walters.


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