Monday Manicure – Milani Jewel FX


It’s 2011, and the plan for Afrobella is to be bolder and braver than before! So I figured it’d be best to kick things off than with a Monday Manicure that takes no prisoners. TA-DOW! Disco ball nails! It’s the kind of manicure that’s either totally up your alley, or not your cup of tea […]

Cover Girl Queen Collection How-To’s and New Lipsticks!

2011 People's Choice Awards - Show

Bellas! 2011 is bringing in some gorgeous new makeup to the drugstore, are you ready? The Queen Collection has had a classy new makeover, and their new Queen Collection Lip Color lipsticks are swoon worthy! Moisturizing, smooth, rich, vibrant color in a wide range of shades. I just got some samples in the mail and […]

RIP, Sir Ellis Clarke

Sir Ellis and me 2 (1)

He was the second to last Govenor-General, and the first ever President of Trinidad and Tobago. He was a man of tremendous intelligence and class, eloquent and well mannered in his every appearance. And today, Trinidad and Tobago mourns one of our greats. Sir Ellis Emmanuel Innocent Clarke will be laid to rest in a […]

A Powerful Message From Marsha Ambroisius

Photo by Fernando Leon

Marsha Ambroisius is everything I love and want to see more of in music today. Gorgeous and unique and talented beyond words. She’s an incredible songwriter and her singing can give me chills, it’s so beautifully melodious. Her album Late Nights, Early Mornings will be released on February 22, and the second single she’s released […]

The Least Fun Part of Giveaways…

I love hosting giveaways, I love choosing the fabulous prizes I want you readers to hopefully receive. I love the comments and the response. But you know what I don’t like about giveaways? The AFTER part. The part when I send three, four, and even five e mails and don’t hear back from the reader […]

Carol’s Daughter Giveaway Winners


Bellas! This giveaway was a bit more complicated than the others, since winners were asked to please sign up for the official Carol’s Daughter registration page…but not everyone who entered paid attention to that giveaway rule. I got lots of comments from folks who said they’d signed up (but didn’t). Or had purchased items before […]

Ask Afrobella: Natural Hair. Start Here!

Natural Hair model Renisha

I think I can guess what a few of you made as a new year’s resolution this year – to go natural! Just within the past few weeks, I’ve gotten several messages from new naturals who are seeking guidance and advice. Please allow me to be your guide and answer some of your questions! Welcome […]