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When we were small we were told that disinfectant like Dettol would be all that we needed.

If Neosprin can clean, cure and prevent scars, then girls and women should definitely use it!

You sold me! Thanks.

Comment on Charcoal for Natural Hair? Hereโ€™s How to Deep Clean Your Hair and Scalp! by sumi Sat, 21 May 2016 19:40:17 +0000 Realy anybody have a Natural Hair?

Comment on 5 Hair Blogger Falsehoods, Debunked by a Professional Cosmetologist by Imani Fri, 20 May 2016 00:45:57 +0000 Well…wow!!
I appreciate ALL info whether from pure science or from trial & error. Ive learned so much “sciency” stuff about hair and I feel smarter for it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the current environment of natural hair vloggers speaks volumes about what caused them to crop up at the rate they have over the last few years.
Most traditional stylists were TRAINED to chemically treated hair (perms, colors,etc) to cut and trim and style. Natural hair often requires extended and additional knowledge of our hair types (more than one…more than 1, 2,3, & 4…hundreds of variations) that they were not taught in school. They wer given basic hair science knowledge but we cant deny african hair is SOOO diverse that its a whole nother level of hair science that wasnt explored until recently. This is not a slam. It’s just a fact.
Natural hair was likely a SMALL part of their education bc NO ONE was promoting the care of natural hair. If stylists would OWN this fact the healing could begin. And it is BECAUSE of this lack of knowledge many were not equipped to handle natural hair and they systematically encouraged and bragged about how permed hair if properly cared for, could grow & flourish and was not damaging. They also consistently offered alternative straightening methods to tame and train kinky hair . ie: hot combs, blow outs & flat irons for those who INSISTED they didnt want or couldnt use chemicals. It is bc of that mindset that many have an issue with the overall tone of this article. Had the salons embraced the natural hair and KNEW what to do with it, we wouldnt have become mixologists in our kitchens and bathrooms. A lot of what scientists learned came from trial & error so I dont get the knocking of it with natural YT vgloggers. How else are they to learn?

I ADMIRE the YT vloggers bc they essentially used themselves as GUINEA PIGS! If thats not dedication then what is?LOL!! Maybe they didnt sit in a classroom for 2 years to get a license or go to college for a Phd but guess what? they LEARNED science and although the may not know how to call it by its scientific name they knew how to explain their results and like all “home grown scientists” they changed their formulas, adjusted their viewpoints , did research and came up with tried and true results that worked FOR THEM. The choice to use these methods and home grown products lays with the viewer so I do resent the insinuation that we are all SHEEP letting the YT vloggers tell us what to do and we just DO IT. Thats silly and hardly true. It may be true in some cases but its insulting to suggest we dont think for ourselves.
Ex 1: cO-WASHING:I heard of the cowash method and it made NO SENSE to me bc w/o a science degree or license I knew conditioners work different from shampoos so HOW could it cleanse properly? wouldnt it just cause build up and not get out the stylying products & oils I use? I had all these thoughts but STILL tried it bc…YOU NEVER KNOW. What did I get? Pretty soft hair but a nasty gross scalp full of product buildup that would not go away!!
Ex 2:Frequent washing?EVERYBODY know the dirtier your hair, the prettier it looks! lol!!! I know ifs from the oils ut what else do I get? an itchy scalp. Somebody else? NADA! so its not all about waiting x amount of days. Most causian ppl can go more than 2 days without looking like a stringy weat mess bc the sebum builds up like crazy. *as per my college roomate who didnt get why I didnt was my hair every morning like her. It was cute she asked…she didint know! My non-scientific conclusion? I NEED SHAMPOO!!But hey, if lady #2 flourished with co-washing or waiting 10 days. I wont slam her method.

So the bottom line is, its not all about the science and the writer needs to make room for the possibility that others have learned something NOT found in a book, a test tube, glass beaker or under a microscope. Nature is funny like that…. It not an exact science and isnt definiative all the time even under the same exact controlled circumstances bc every indidivual brings a wild card into the equation that could skew the results for every outcome. Embrace it!! Its fascinating !
So bc of all the above, this article can come off sounding like a case of sour grapes. It was the stylists ran off many of the women away who wanted to have their hair taken care of in a salon environment and now that theyve created an alternate resource that works for so many, stylists are slamming the “non science” vloggers who are “ruining our hair with bad science”!
If the writer had come across as just sharing hair care info and asking readers to consider these facts when practicing their home grown practices incase they notices some of the issues she listed…then I think readers wouldve been more grateful rather than so offended. The responders venom was WAAAY out there!!. I was mostly amused but I get where many of them were coming from. I wasnt so mad bc I know I dont need one person to change my opinion when results are what I go by. My hair was NEVER as healthy as it is until I went natural. Thats MY truth. Apparently its a lot of peoples truth… or else these vloggers wouldnt be where they are.
Yes, the thirst for hair care support started this grass roots movements in kitchens across tthe world…why knock the hustle? It was obviously a niche no on wanted to touch…until they realized there was MONEY to be made and that using these methods would take away from salon business! And even for salons that addressed natural hair, the products were expensive. When we realized we could MAKE IT IN OUR KITCHENS then that was another financial windfall affected by YT telling us to buy our own oils and butters, grab a recycled shopping bag for your hair plastic, rinsed out some old jars and get to mixin! ๐Ÿ™‚ We know Black women spend MILLIONS per year on salon hair care..what they didnt realize was there was also a huge market for ppl who couldnt get KNOWLEDGEABLE haircare in a salon …so DIY haircare on YT blew UP!. Dont be made at the hustle bc these YT sensations saw a need and fulfilled it.

Bridge the gap by acknowledging that some of their practices are VERY valid …not bc of science but IN SPITE of what science says. Give them their due and it would make room for open dialogue and partnership. This article fans the flames of resentment and “momma bear” reflexes bc these women worked long and hard and put their own hair OUT there as a test dummy when nobody (or few to be fair) salons wanted anything to do with natural hair on a large scale.
No one told us our hair was fine just as it is.No one wanted the job…til someone else picked up the torch and RAN da hell outta it! lol! If they had then there wouldve been more natural hair salons and information out there (…it was like a needle in a haystack) and the YT vloggers would be minor players instead of major players pulling all kinds of endorsement deals and publicity.
BTW, the Natural Community are a bunch of beautiful intelligent diverse demanding particlular women who will call a FAKE a fake so these women are popular bc their advice has helped them & THOUSANDS.not bc weve been hoodwinked. The proof is in the pudding as they say…
The science listed in the article is valid . The tone is NOT bc she also left out other scientific facts that make it seem like she intentionally ignored anything that might support what these YT vloggers are saying. Thats selfish and makes me give a side eye…
Are you looking to get ppl back in salons bc what you do cant be done at home …or bc it CAN be done at home and thats not good for business?

Comment on Charcoal for Natural Hair? Hereโ€™s How to Deep Clean Your Hair and Scalp! by chloe Thu, 19 May 2016 17:56:52 +0000 if anybody interested in beautiful ethnic necklaces, I may recommend the shop of my friend

Comment on Charcoal for Natural Hair? Hereโ€™s How to Deep Clean Your Hair and Scalp! by chloe Thu, 19 May 2016 17:55:46 +0000 Bravo for your positive mood blog!

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