Um… thanks for commenting? I do read everything that gets sent to me, and I appreciate knowing that not everyone shares my opinion. But you’ll notice that I don’t curse on the site, ever. Nor do I allow or encourage cursing on my site. I made a conscious decision to keep my four-letter-word use to my personal life, and one of the best things about Afrobella in my opinion, is that readers of all ages can enjoy my writing without being bombarded by f-bombs and mofos. So I’m happy to read your passionate defense of Akon or whatever you’ve chosen to wax not-so-eloquent about, but if you can’t state your case without resorting to the same four letter words over and over again, I’ll delete it. If you can manage to state your opinion intelligently without the sailor talk, it will appear verbatim. I don’t have a problem with dissent, just with lack of verbal creativity. And if you really, really are burning to curse me out personally, drop me an e mail so I can delete that too. K thx.

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