I was minding my own business on Instagram when I noticed I was being tagged repeatedly by Spanish language accounts. When I investigated further, I realized that they were tagging me while posting a song. What’s this all about?

It turns out the song is called Afrobella by Venezuelan child star Anabella (or is it Anabella Queen?). I think she actually says “Afrobella” once and the other times she says her name. But the sign she’s dancing in front of definitely says Afrobella! I have no idea if she knows there’s a site and a person behind the name Afrobella or not or that there’s been a site called Afrobella since 2006. This little ditty was definitely a surprise to me!

Check this out.

I wish I spoke more Spanish or had taken it more seriously when I was in school. My apologies to Senora Thomas.

From what I gather Afrobella the song is a message of empowerment and self-esteem boosting. I do listen to a fair amount of Spanish language music, and I am a big fan of Manu Chao and Bad Bunny. Now I think I’ll consider this new song for my playlist.

What do you think?

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