I’ve been totally avoiding going to Sephora. Nothing against the store itself, it’s awesome… I just wind up spending way more than I can afford there. For example, I know I’m adding at least $32 to my bill before I even step foot in the door. Why? Because the Philosophy Holiday Sweet Shop Collection is here, and I need the Double Rich Hot Cocoa and Old Fashioned Eggnog like, yesterday.

I was considering just adding them to my Amazon Wish List and waiting for Christmas, but I really, really need to take a chocolate-scented bath ASAP.

If that sounds ridiculous, then so be it.

I’m addicted to just about every beauty product, but this Bella is serious about bath gels. I am a shower gel connoisseur. I have showered with just about every affordable brand on the market, and trust me when I say Philosophy’s 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, and bubble baths are the best.

Waffle Cone has been my favorite for a while now. I caved in and bought the Vanilla Birthday Cake which is lovely, but too subtle for a repurchase. I just keep coming back to Waffle Cone, because it really smells so, so good. I have never used my Philosophy products as shampoo, and sadly, we moved into a place with no bathtub, so no bubble baths for me anytime soon. (Although I do believe a shower can be just as decadent and fab as a bubble bath, without the water-turning-cold factor). For me, they work best slathered on my net sponge working up a delicious lather.

Oh no, there’s a Pumpkin Pie flavor too? OMG, it’s ova! Payday can’t get here soon enough. Sephora, here I come!

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Keisha.. says:
October 9, 2006, 10:39 am
I've met my product junkie twin...i'm glad this site is avalible for me to indulge in my pj'ism and not feel bad about it...i'll be back with my link to my new blog..
Coffy says:
October 9, 2006, 10:49 am
sometimes you just gotta splurge
The Glamour Bee says:
October 9, 2006, 1:38 pm
Have you tried the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream? You could blindfold someone, hold it up to their nose and they'd wouldn't be able to tell the difference!
jerseybred says:
October 10, 2006, 5:34 pm
Bella, I'm trying to stay away from the stores. Why are you doing this to me:^)?
lauren says:
October 10, 2006, 9:18 pm
i agree philosophy smells amazing! for a body wash that smells great and is a little cheaper u should try Tone with cocoa butter(Mango Splash)body wash and Caress Tahitian Renewal silkening body wash. oh ya and for a shampoo that almost matches the philosophy smell is Loreal kids shampoo - vanilla, strawberry, blueberry(the best one) and alcohol isnt the first ingredient like most shampoos so its a little easier on the hair
bella says:
October 11, 2006, 9:43 am
Hey Lauren! I had no IDEA L'Oreal kids shampoo came in vanilla!!! I will have to go searching. I also like the grape one. Not so sure that's L'Oreal, though. I will check!
zulumama says:
October 15, 2006, 6:52 pm
Love love love Philosophy shower gel. You must get lavender pound cake!!! I love it almost as much as Senorita margaurita!!!!!
themakeupgirl says:
October 16, 2006, 7:29 pm
The Philosophy Cinnamon Buns smells like that damn Cinnabon store at the mall!! I just picked up the sweet shop collection myself. These are always great as a gift too, I got my mom some last Christmas.
TheNotic says:
October 23, 2006, 12:47 pm
Are you my cousin? I swear we are related! Like some else mentioned, I am a true product junkie also, and I adore the Waffle Cone!!! I keep that in stock, but only use it as a shower gel...yummmmmy!
Planet says:
March 27, 2007, 1:33 pm
Cinnamon Buns was my first purchase. It's been a definite repurchase. I bought a collection with 3 smaller sizes. It was about a year ago, so I can't remember everything in there. I did like the Chocolate Hazlenut quite a bit. I am not too crazy about chocolate scents as bath products. I didn't like the 2 of them, and gave them away. Amazing Grace is just that, amazing. I like this quite a bit. I am tempted to try Red Velvet Cake due to raves on Makeup Alley. Yes, I am a PJ. Between Makeup Alley and Afrobella, I will need more shelves and cabinets. Bath and Body Works Temptation Collection is a 3-in- 1 product. The introductory sizes are priced at 4 for $10. These are 4 oz., a great way to try them out. They smell very good too. I haven't tried them as a shampoo, but as a bath gel, they are fantastic.


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