I am not an official member of the Glam Network, although I have a tremendous amount of respect for their role in the beauty and fashion blogosphere.

Some of the warmest, most welcoming beauty and fashion bloggers are members of the Glam Network, and even though I’m not an official member of their ranks, many of these women went out of their way to be receptive to a little ol’ newbie with a litany of questions when I first started this thing called Afrobella.

Now, Glam is preparing to give out awards to the best beauty, fashion, and gossip blogs on their network (They’re called the Glammies. So cute. Hee!). (** edited at 8:03 p.m. : So apparently, the Glammies are the Glamour Magazine annual beauty and fashion awards, and the Glammys are fabulous drag queen awards. Speaking of queens, does anyone know of a fun drag queen blog about makeup or fashion? You know they’d have the best makeup tips! Gotta love the queens!)
So if you have a moment, vote for them!

Some of these fabulous sites are nominated for awards, and others are just plain fabulous. Check them out and expand your beauty horizons.

  • 55 Secret Street
  • The Makeup Girl
  • 99 Products
  • I Like Her Style!
  • A Girl’s Gotta Spa!
  • The Glamorous Bee
  • Brown Sista
  • Juicy News
  • Mahogany Butterfly
  • Stylecrazy
  • Kristopher Dukes
  • All About The Pretty
  • Beauty Addict
  • CocoaChic Beauty
  • Blogdorf Goodman
  • Palacinka
  • Bois de Jasmin
  • Makeup Bag
  • Platinum Blonde Life
  • Product Girl
  • Home Spa Goddess
  • The Life of a Ladybug
  • The Non-Blonde
  • The Fashionista and Baby
  • And those are just off the top of my head. There are even more listed in the La Bella Mafia part of my links to the right. Best to all of you blogging bellas, and thanks for always showing me love!

    In other news, those of you who wanted to see a more recent pic of me should check out the About Afrobella link. For those of you who wanted to see those highlights I mentioned, here’s another pic.

    I have cropped out all but the husband’s hand so that you may fully behold my subtle, copper highlighted glory. Kidding! But chicken comment aside (which apparently he now denies. I heard what I heard, dude!), I must say the stylist did a damn good job.

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    nova says:
    January 8, 2007, 10:39 am
    You're so cute I'm sick of you! LOL!
    Toya says:
    January 8, 2007, 10:48 am
    You look beautiful and your hair is fierce! Thanks for including me on the list of blogs worth visiting. I check your blog regularly - I love it. Keep up the fabulousness on behalf of natural sistas everywhere!
    January 8, 2007, 12:25 pm
    Ooh la love, thanks for the love, love. I'm totally jealous of your hair. Gorgeous. You're so mignon.
    Jamie says:
    January 8, 2007, 12:41 pm
    I love it!!!Cute picture!
    Nichelle says:
    January 8, 2007, 1:27 pm
    Awww, thanks for the shout out Bella! And girl, I am so jealous of your hair too! I spent the weekend braiding mine (small individuals) because keeping up with the two-strand twist is not for me!
    Avin says:
    January 8, 2007, 2:28 pm
    Thanks for the nod honey! I am loving the beautiful highlights, you are just too cute.
    Anne says:
    January 8, 2007, 2:40 pm
    While scanning through the beauty and fashion blogs like I always do... I found out myself that there are lots of "vote me" sign going on. I am a member of Glam Network and I didn't even know about it! Shame on me... This is my first time here ... just want to drop in and tell ya that I adore your blog.
    themakeupgirl says:
    January 8, 2007, 3:52 pm
    Hey Bella mama!!! Love to you to baby!! Your hair looks FAB!
    Ursula says:
    January 8, 2007, 5:23 pm
    Lovely picture.
    kia says:
    January 8, 2007, 6:14 pm
    hey bella! i'm so glad you posted this! you look great and your hair does too! congrats ladies on the noms for a glammie! i've been wanting to say thanks for the link in la bella mafia. i think that's such a cute category. we are like our own little network over there... glad to see you doing well afrobella =)
    Traci says:
    January 8, 2007, 8:48 pm
    Bella, thank you so much for including me on the list. I apppreciate it. You're such a cutie! I love your hair! I'm still working to perfect mine because I'm going to need a lot of practice for baby madamoiselle.
    Dahls says:
    January 9, 2007, 3:48 pm
    Very nice bella!!! The highlights look great!
    TheMakeupGirl says:
    January 9, 2007, 5:26 pm
    Ms. Bella....thank you for editing the post! We don't want to step on the drag queens OR Glamour's toes!!!! HA HA...
    afrobronxchick says:
    January 9, 2007, 6:07 pm
    Absolutley gorgeous
    Sylvia says:
    January 9, 2007, 8:27 pm
    Thank you so much AfroBella! I'm not promoting it myself becasue I wan't sure if I had enough readers but thanks so much for the support :) Sylvia @ I Like Her Style!
    pam says:
    January 11, 2007, 10:57 pm
    Girl, great highlights, and you are such a cutie. Thank you Pam
    coiltastic says:
    January 12, 2007, 8:08 pm
    Nice hair and what a pretty picture.


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