I meant to post this diary all in one go, but in all honesty? I got NYFW’d OUT. The coverage on my blog and every other blog felt overwhelming and life came calling…so I took a break. But now I’m back to recap those last two whirlwind days of my first Fashion Week. Y’all ready? Let’s do this!

CVS Lounge

CVS Lounge

I knew my last two days of NYFW would wrap up fast, so I didn’t want to push myself. Already in my head, I was making plans for next Fashion Week. I don’t want to be caught not RSVP’d for such chic events ever again! Better to be safe than sorry I missed something amazing.

Sunday began with a fabulicious brunch with my friend Jenny and her boyfriend Shawn at Cowgirl — a Western themed brunch spot that is just BEYOND delicious. I am SO going there every time I’m in NYC! The cheese grits and poached eggs were so delicious I’m salivating even now, weeks after my meal there. If you live in NYC, make a trek to Cowgirl. Trust me!

After that, it was off to experience the CVS Reinventing Beauty Lounge. What’s that? Basically CVS hosted a gorgeous experience for writers, beauty bloggers, and other Fashion Week attendees at Robert Verdi’s amazing LuxeLaboratory. (photo courtesy of the fab Mischo Beauty).

OMG, you guys.
This place is gorge-ous. Lushly decorated, welcoming staff, delicious food (quinoa salad to die for! And let’s not even talk about the tower of cupcakes and other desserts), and delicious beverages courtesy of Blueprint Cleanse. Their juices are incredibly delicious. I could seriously go for one of their pineapple apple mint juices right now! AND I met Robert Verdi, and he was sweet as pie!

In the CVS Lounge, it was all about beauty. A manicurist was on hand, so you know I had to get my nails done. And I can tell you this — you’re going to hear a whole lot about Opulent Cloud, Tracy Reese’s exclusive shade for Sally Hansen HD. All Lacquered Up reviewed it earlier this year, but it’s about to make a big splash. Literally every blogger I met there was getting this gunmetal-grey-but-gold-in-the-light shade painted on their nails.

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud by Tracy Reese

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud by Tracy Reese

Hairdresser extraordinare Christoph was giving blowouts, but I was quickly ushered over to the makeup chair, where makeup artist to the stars, Jake Bailey, was offering Cover Girl makeovers. I came with makeup on and thought I looked cute. But Jake took me to a whole nother level! I was astounded at what he did, using products that cost less than $10 a pop at the drugstore. More to come on this ASAP, and can you say giveaway?

Other bloggers at the LuxeLab included Erika of Makeup Bag, Eileen of Ms Whoever You Are, Andrea of Essence Magazine and The Glamazons, and Julia of All About The Pretty. I had a blast hanging out with my beauty blogging homegirls, and when some of us headed out to cover the Rachel Roy show in a chauffered Benz, blasting Lil Wayne all the way – it felt like a dream.

Erika of Makeup Bag, Andrea of The Glamazons, Julia of All About The Pretty

Erika of Makeup Bag, Andrea of The Glamazons, Julia of All About The Pretty

To be really real with you all (this is a Fashion Week diary after all), looking back on this experience, it feels tremendous. It IS tremendous. To go from watching something on television and fantasizing about what it must be like, to being there and experiencing it… it’s crazy. And beautiful. I never could have dreamed that writing my thoughts and opinions about hair, beauty, and whatever else I feel like could have brought me to this point, to a place and a moment I never even would have dreamed about. The internet, it is amazing. And I am so grateful for it all. And you all for reading and commenting and helping me make these dreams come to life.

I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves!

Backstage at Rachel Roy, I had one of those OMG I can’t believe I’m here experiencing this moments. It happened in the off stage area where Bobbi Brown was working her magic. It was amazing to watch an icon of the beauty industry work her magic, transforming a model into a semi-regular looking, slightly gawky teenager into a veritable goddess. Twas incredible. Then I was ushered backstage — no wait, not that way! Rachel Roy herself was backstage, looking every inch the stunner that she is, surrounded by a battalion of cameras and being interviewed. The other way! Models, models, models and fabulous racks of clothes, shoes, and accessories laid out for the admiring. It’s quite daunting coming into these slender spaces where everyone’s so busy and frantic, making a fashion experience come together. It’s funny to look around and see the bloggers and reporters who are jaded by the experience, having gone through so many. I felt so young, fresh and green. And happy to be there!


I didn’t stay for the Rachel Roy presentation, instead I met up for Malaysian food with some long lost friends and former co-workers. From left to right — Calvin Godfrey – amazing writer who is now a park ranger. Ivylise Simones – the best art director I’ve ever had the privelige to work with, do yourself a favor and check out her website at Ivylise.com — she’s the best! And right next to me is Journalist of the Year Francisco Alvarado, AKA The Frankness. It was so wonderful and unexpected to meet up with my former coworkers, and it was amazing to discuss how much our lives have changed. How much we’ve changed, since we all worked together in Miami. What our dreams and goals are for the future.

After dinner, we walked out into the streets, which were draped with lights and filled with people because of the Feast of San Gerraro. An amazing end to an amazing day. And I had another half-day to go!



dee says:
September 30, 2009, 3:10 pm
Loving that nail polish!
Lauren says:
September 30, 2009, 5:59 pm
Bella, ur week at nyfw is just the beginning of more amazing experiences to come! So happy u have fulfilled one of many dreams u had when beginning ur blog. U have been a voice for women through ur words and honesty in all ur posts. That is respected and rare-congrats! Can't wait to hear how the week ended!
pets says:
September 30, 2009, 6:50 pm
Your joy and wonder at being there and a part of history comes through in your writings! keep being amazed and in awe - as jaded is such a turn off.
Annja says:
October 1, 2009, 10:10 am
Hey did you see Chris rock on Oprah?! He was talking about his movie "Good Hair" and at one point Oprah makes him play in her hair to prove its all hers! His reaction was classic. I only bring this up because I remember your post on Oprah's hair awhile back and I hope that this will refute all the "Oprah's hair is real" naysayers.
Nay says:
October 1, 2009, 3:38 pm
Did you happen to catch Oprah's show on 9/30/09 with Chris Rock talking about his upcoming documentary called Good Hair? It was great! AND all that hair Oprah is sportin this season is hers!!! I couldn't believe it..her hair is so healthly, full and....NATURAL!
bella says:
October 1, 2009, 9:35 pm
Post on Oprah coming up next!


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