There were SO many amazing makeup releases in 2009, it was really difficult to narrow down this list. Like, really difficult. I spent quite a while playing with makeup researching the best of the best for this post. I hope it helps to inform your next purchase, or at the very least let you know what will look d’gorgeous on your beautiful brown skin!


1. MAC’s Mineralize makeup. See, MAC makes me cheat on my list! I’ve gone and chosen a whole category of makeup because I can’t choose ONE item that I love more than others. MAC’s Mineralize eyeshadows and blushes rock my world. The eyeshadow duos pair together perfectly, and you get more bang for your buck thanks to the inspired color combinations. The mineralize blushes are so sheer, pretty, and give my cheeks that pop of color that makes me feel like a rockstar. I just can’t get enough!


2. OCC Lip Tar — yet another product I discovered at the Artist’s Summit this year. And I’m STILL in love! I’ve been using Lip Tar layered over lip pencil for all-day color impact. If you’re used to traditional lipstick, understand that this is a whole new ball game — like a stain but like a gloss. And VERY highly pigmented. This ain’t your everyday lip color!


3. Sally Hansen HD Nailpolish. I am terrible at doing my own nails, but this polish managed to make it a little easier. The initial HD collection was all about the summertime brights, but with colors like Opulent Cloud in their Fall line (see Vampy Varnish for deetz) – it’s become my new favorite range of polishes. At my most dire need for a pedicure, I was able to use this on the beach in the DR, and not only did it glide on smoothly, my pedi lasted — sans base or top coat — for a week and a half! Amazing!

4. By Lauren Luke makeup collection. Love this girl. Love her makeup. And if there’s any one thing you may want to gift yourself with post-holiday season, it’s one of her gorgeous makeup kits. They are perfect for makeup newbies as well as makeup addicts, and for someone like me who travels often – cannot be beat! If I had to choose ONE, it’d be My Smokey Classics — which includes shadow primers, eye shadows, eye liner, blush, and lip color — everything you need to look gorgeous for a night on the town in a slender and attractive little package that’s worth every penny. Each comes with a little note from Lauren to boost your self esteem. I am totally buying more of these, when my recovering bank account allows!


5. Sonia Kashuk gel eyeliner and brush. OK, I wrote about this in August, and there STILL isn’t a link on Target’s site. So you’re gonna need to go to the store and find it yourself! Sonia Kashuk’s Target line is great, great stuff. Lasting, rich color. And this eyeliner changed my whole beauty world — I can finally get that liquid liner cat’s eye look that eluded me for eons! It’s the brush, it’s all about the brush. I tried several gel liners this year and loved almost all of them — but for the price? Sonia Kashuk can’t be beat.

So there you have it! Please share your favorite makeup finds with me! And up next I’ll share my favorite style finds — so keep reading!

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KhamilianMUA says:
January 7, 2010, 11:59 pm
Imma have to do a drug-store drop in and check out the Sonia Kashuk line.
Phyrra says:
January 8, 2010, 12:53 am
I'm with you, I LOVE gel eyeliners! I'd been looking for Opulent Cloud for months and given up on it and I FINALLY managed to snag a bottle tonight as it was on a new display at my Walgreens. It's lovely.
Kristin- Sonia Kashuk Beauty says:
January 8, 2010, 11:30 am
We here at Sonia Kashuk appreciate your support! We have been working with Target to get more product online.. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this Spring! We are launching a new shade of the Gel Liner, Charcoal Gray, keep an eye out it hits stores March 2010!
Robin says:
January 8, 2010, 11:42 am
Hey lady! Hope the snow here in the Chi isn't driving you nuts. I actually hear its pretty cold in Miami. That should make you feel a little better. lol. Anyway, I've always been a lipgloss junkie (MAC being my long time love), but recently I've been going absolutely makeup crazy. I've been on the hunt for a fab tinted moisturizer since my fave MAC select tint spf was discontinued. I finally came across Cosmedicine Honest Face in Dark (originally $35 for a pretty small bottle but I found in TJ Maxx for $17, yay!). And it's pretty darn great. I've also discovered E.L.F.'s new studio brushes. VERY high quality for $3 a pop!!! And they usually have coupon codes out there so they are usually even cheaper. Certain brushes like the powder brush and "c" eyeshadow brush are superb. Also I hear pretty good things about Sonia Kashuk's gel liner (and whole line in general), but my old high school fave, Wet N Wild (yes I said it!) has a creme/gel eyeliner that is unbelievably great!! seriously! and its only $4. I mean it's smooth, stays put until you take it off and just a wonderful product. Ok, one more... NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils. They come in about 12 or so beautiful colors and make great bases for shadows. The most popular is Milk (white) which really makes colors brighter and long lasting. Ok that is all. I'm really thinking about starting a blog. I've been so passionate about this makeup thing lately. But I'm a freaking accountant. Who would listen?? lol
UmmAmirah says:
January 8, 2010, 2:17 pm
@ Robin...tooshey on the E.L.F Studio brushes!! I love them Sonia Kashuk is a sleeper TOO. I like her brushes for those on a budget. Bella your on POINT with the MAC mineralized blushes are the best. Great posts you see I'm catching up.
Salina says:
January 8, 2010, 3:17 pm
The other day I walked past the Sally Hansen display and did a double take. Some really great looking colors there. They also have a quick dry line that I use on my daughter. For the first time ever she didn't smudge her polish.
Charrise says:
January 9, 2010, 12:32 am
I want to cosign on the E.L.F brushes, there eye colors are pretty great too! Especially for the price! I am in love with, Urban Decay Eye primer, Nars blush, OPI polish is just the best, it stays on forever! Also, I have to shout out Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, the stuff is priced very well and works wonders!


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