Yellow nail polish is so fun, so fresh, so summertime – especially on gorgeous, deep shades of brown skin. I am here for yellow nails this summer (and every summer)! The only thing is, yellow can be tricky. Finding the perfect yellow that won’t look streaky can be tough. It’s become something of an annual summer challenge for me.

Yesterday I finally got around to playing with the delightful Pierre Hardy for NARS limited edition collection and decided to give Sharks a try. Sharks is by far the collection’s most muted, pastel color duo and at first this yellow didn’t speak to my soul. It’s soft and duckling-like, and I tend to be drawn more towards a bright, bold yellow. Think Avon’s Starlight from the Cosmic Nail Enamel collection (thanks to StyleIt for introducing me to its glory), or IBD’s Solar Rays lacquer, which I discovered via Style and Beauty Doctor. I tend to go bold, and I tend to go primary or neon. But then there was Sharks. Behold.

NARS Sharks

It’s a soft yet bright, buttery pastel yellow. It reminds me of baby clothes. ducklings, and yellow Liquid Paper. Like all yellow polishes I’ve tried thus far, it’s streaky on initial application. But on my third coat it looked great. Creamy and pretty with my skin tone.

NARS Sharks 2

I’m comparing the color here to my favorite little neon-kinda clutch from Target (which you’ll see included in this post about my fave summer fashion there)!

This would not have been a color I would’ve liked maybe two or three years ago, but now I love it. It’s a fresh twist on a Monday Manicure for me. I’ve been drawn to softer colors lately – more pink lipstick, more minty greens, lavenders and lilacs, and sky blue nail polishes. Now finally a yellow to quench my summertime challenge needs.

NARS Sharks

It’s so pale and so unusual a choice for me. In some light, it’s almost off-white (as you see above). But in person and in sunlight, it’s a soft, creamy custard that I’m learning to love.

What do you think? Do you love Sharks, or is it not your scene? Click here to buy – each NARS Pierre Hardy duo is $29.


pets says:
June 25, 2013, 7:49 pm
Love that yellow!