Some showers are about pure function and speed – you gotta go somewhere and you gotta be clean. Other showers are more about an emotional experience, a nurturing that you need in your soul. I needed that kind of shower today. I created a whole shower experience to deliver the kind of soul soothing I required, from the right music to the right products.

Let’s begin with the playlist — usually I listen to my Shower Songs playlist but it needs some editing, to be honest. Sunday Bubblebath is always a good one. But for this shower experience I used my Inspiration playlist, which is all about songs to shake off the sads and lift your spirits. And here are the products I used and loved and am recommending to you.


Bath and Body Products

Chaz Dean’s Six Thirteen Hair Cleansing Treatment.  I know what you’re thinking. You clicked that link and saw the price and said to yourself “Afrobella is tripping.” Yes, this is a $61 bottle of hair cleanser. But the bottle I got lasted me FOREVER. Like, more than 6 months. And it really, truly works for my hair. Six Thirteen Hair Cleansing Treatment makes my scalp feel clean and leaves my curls in perfect condition, and not only is it a great cleanser, but it’s a great conditioning detangler. This is a cleansing treatment with a lot of slip and moisture. It’s great for one-step hair care.  My bottle is currently upside down because we’re coming down to the end and I don’t want to waste a drop!

Nyakio Giant Fig Body Wash. If you’re looking for high end, high quality bath and body products that infuse moisture to the skin, you need to know about Nyakio. Founded by the beautiful Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, it is a product line inspired by her Kenyan heritage and infused with her family beauty secrets.  This body wash sounds fruity but it’s actually sensual, feminine, and sumptuously scented. I’m not a big fig consumer but the scent of this body wash is heavenly and sexy. I love it!

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Longtime readers know that I adore Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel. It remains my one and only and when I run out of it, I have to buy more. There aren’t many other products I feel like that about. It’s my go-to.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion. I am a longtime user of Johnson’s Baby products and a member of their CARES Council, but I’d simply forgotten how much my skin LOVES this classic pink lotion. Apres-shower when my skin is still wet, it simply absorbs so beautifully and makes me feel so soft. I still love the smell! Also, for anyone who didn’t know, Johnson’s recently reformulated quite a few of their products to remove ingredients which consumers were concerned about, click here to learn more about that. 

Ixora Botanical Beauty Jumbo Combo Butter. You know I love my indie brands, and Ixora Botanical Beauty is my latest fave. You can customize your fragrances! I chose magnolia/orchid and I ADORE the scent and texture of the Jumbo Combo Butter. Imagine an extremely emollient whip of shea butter, palm butter, jojoba and grapeseed oil and more. My skin is obsessed! 

TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer. There are so many rich, buttery hair products on the market these days but the TGIN brand stands up and above from the pack for me. This daily shea based hair moisturizer has been giving my winter-traumatized tresses the TLC they so desperately need and deserve. 

I used this combination of products and emerged from my shower experience restored, refreshed, fragrant and ready to tell it from the mountain!

Let me know what your latest shower favorites are, for your hair and skin!


pets says:
March 22, 2014, 10:14 am
In my shower here in Trinidad and Tobago - Softsoap's Sweet Honeysuckle and Orange Peel bath wash, wash and condition my hair with Suave's Keratin products.
cybil says:
August 6, 2014, 12:31 pm
Nice post. Thanks for sharing this information. You have a lot of products :)