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  1. I am definitely a scent snob and prefer not to smell like everyone else. I consider scents an important accessory, and I select my scent of the day (SOTD) based upon a memory, if I want to feel confident, etc. I believe that a woman’s scent should NOT be: overpowering, loud, cloying and causes excessive sneezing.

  2. I have recently fallen in love with the Tocca scents (if romance had a scent it’d be Stella). Where have i been lol? I wear Diptyque Philosokos and always get a compliment on it so I’ll stop at the store today in Grand Central and whiff Do Son and I’ve discovered Dior Hypnotiq. I have a sample of Si that I do like and am still on the purchase fence.

    On a side note, I wish more people truly took the time to find a signature scent (Shalimar – dont judge lol) but mostly to understand how much scents factor into our lives. Especially men. I lament that no one has taught younger men how to turn a woman’s head by her nose first.

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