My relationship with swimwear has been a problematic one, dating back to age 11 when I had to find the perfect bathing suit for a class trip to Tobago. That day I learned the dismay that so often comes with trying on bathing suits. Through the years, I struggled to find a suit I loved, that made me feel beautiful, comfortable and just as cute as anyone else on the beach. It took me years to come into my own and find bathing suits that worked for me. And then came Swimsuits For All and their first collection with my friend Gabifresh,  which changed the game for plus size swimwear. Here was someone who I could identify with and even share clothing with, who I personally know and love, absolutely rocking the hell out of a bikini all while helping an established swimwear brand to create chic options for women with style. Game. Changer.

And now Gabi’s latest Swimsuits For All collection, New Year, Same You, is here to reinforce the truth. This message right here was one I always needed to hear.


That is right on time.

Even recently, on my trip to Tahiti I found myself seeking a coverup to rock in the water, or hiding behind people during group photos, feeling extra apprehensive about posting my bathing suit photos — even though I’ve walked this walk and talked big talk about self confidence right here on the blog before. For me, finding swimsuit self confidence is a Sisyphean task, perpetually pushing the rock of self esteem up the mountain of doubt. The messaging of this campaign is right on time for me and I’m sure for SO many. Wish this kind of body positivity was prevalent for my whole life, and I’m so happy for present and future generations who will grow up with that assurance. That is beautiful to me.


I love everything about this campaign, from the subtle, glowy makeup by Joanna Simkin to the looks (PS: Gabi shared an easy, breezy beautiful DIY inspired by this look on her blog. Click here to check it out)! I love the way Gabi uses her platform to reinforce messages of holistic self-love.

You can click here to check out the entire collection. What pieces do I yearn for the most? Let me break it on down:


The Midnight Underwire. Such a great black bikini — on-trend yet timeless. Need.



The Milestone Underwire Bikini — everyone’s raving over this cactus print and I suspect it’ll be this summer’s palm print (meaning, it’ll be everywhere so snag it now)! The romper is super cute too!



This shot is SO FIERCE YASSSSSS GABI! This is the Champagne Zipper Swimsuit. This color would look so great on my skin tone (especially the more time spent in the sun)!



This Midnight Firework dress is the kind of piece you can take from the beach to a night out on the town. Utterly gorgeous. For goddesses and mermaids.

Loving this whole collection and the messaging behind it. “You don’t need to spend your winter achieving a summer body. Wear that bikini and love your body just as it is. Here’s a better resolution: New Year. Same You.” AMEN, Gabi. Amen. And thank you! <3

Click here to follow @Gabifresh on Instagram. And click here to shop the Gabifresh x Swimsuits for All collection, New Year, Same You.  

Photo source: The Curvy Fashionista


pets says:
January 17, 2017, 11:28 am
When I saw the swim suits I immediately envisioned you in them! Go get them ASAP! Then do a few pics done by Steve and posted on your blog.
Sid says:
October 19, 2017, 6:50 am
Black Owned Clothing @ has got to be the best all aroung site for finding black owned clothing businesses. Everything from swimsuits to headwraps to accessories to etc. This article reminded me of that site