FINALLY. Spring weather has come to Chicago. Hedges and trees are showing tiny green buds and the skies are bright blue again. It does so much for my spirit, just to see reemerging life and feel the sun shining on my skin! Expect to see more photo shoots in the coming weeks, I’m ready to step out!

Hello spring, hello again Chicago!

I’ve been waiting to rock this outfit from Poetic Justice Jeans — I wanted it to be the perfect, warm springtime day so this recent weather served as the perfect inspiration. Finally, here comes the sun!



I’m wearing the Plus Size Pajama Cupro Longline Duster Vest With Tie Belt and it’s such a flowy, fun layering piece. It’s sleeveless and the back has a sheer inlay. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this with something sleeveless, or shorts, or a cute little dress!


For years I’ve been curious about this mural on Cermak, just outside of Chinatown. Can someone clue me in? It’s so vibrant and bold and I know there’s a deep meaning to everyone depicted. I think I recognize some of these people, but I’d love more context. Who painted this? What was the concept? Please let me know in the comments below, if you know the artist or who’s in the mural or anything about it! Please share with me.

This is one of the many things that make me love Chicago so much. There is vibrant art and rich, unexpected history everywhere you look. I love the culture that makes Chicago, Chicago.

More outfit details! The top and jeans are also Poetic Justice — specifically the black chiffon drawstring pullover top and the Foxy jeans, which unfortunately seem to be sold out. These jeans are cute and have a great fit, but they do have a side zip, which isn’t necessarily my preference. See these for a similar fit, without the side zip! 

Earrings are by my favorite St. Louis based indie jewelry designer, Beltshazaar Jewels and necklace came via Standout Style Boutique — check them out if you haven’t before, they’ve got fabulous pieces!

These boots are by veteran shoe brand Hush Puppies — the Cyra Caitlyn boots in vintage indigo suede. Blue suede shoes! They offer these in SO many colors and they’re incredibly comfortable.

So what’s my Poetic Justice jeans review? Their fit is excellent. So far I’ve tried three pairs of their jeans — these, the flares and the camo. The fit is excellent on all, but make sure you order the right length for you! I thought I was tall and then I tried on the Poetic Justice flare jeans and realized I need heels or wedges to rock them. I really like the tops that I’ve tried so far. More posts to come in Poetic Justice, so stay tuned!

These items were sent for review by Poetic Justice Jeans and the links above include affiliate links. If you shop via those links, you’re supporting Thank you!



Pets says:
April 26, 2018, 11:25 am
Styling! Keep it up!
Janice says:
April 27, 2018, 10:22 pm
Looking pretty fab in your poetic justice jeans :) Love it! Yes, Spring is that time of year where a sense of newness and freshness can be felt, and for that I am so happy it's finally here. Just now it will be warm so we can all get to wear our beloved back out, back out. LOL! BTW Love your blog!
Mari says:
May 8, 2018, 2:28 am
Looking very nice! I like your style. I'm a newbie to your site, will definitely visit again! Would you consider including the designer of your glasses? I change my frames like I change clothes :-) and I like the ones your wearing.