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Having a clean space does so much to boost my mood, my mindset, my spirit. Cleaning is my favorite distraction, an essential part of my well-being. Improving my living space never fails to give me renewed clarity. A clean home lifts my vibration and efficiency. I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self about that – this wasn’t always my truth, but it makes such a fundamental shift!

Now I treat my home like I treat myself. The way I love products that are of quality, smell amazing and that are healthy for my hair, skin and body, the same way I feel about products for my home. I tend to steer towards cleaning products with intriguing scent profiles, attractive aesthetics and packaging, and a sense of environmental awareness. Because I have pets who come into contact with every surface of my home; I try to steer clear from strong chemicals and overpowering fake fragrances for their sake especially. For a long time, I would have to go to different stores to find the brands I love or mix and match the fragrances based on what was available. Now I’m easily able to find all of my favorite household brands, plus unique, beautiful and environmentally conscious household items all at Grove Collaborative. Let me tell you what I appreciate about this new company that’s here to shake up the home essentials marketplace. And I have an amazing free offer for you from Grove! Keep reading to see the details

All of the good things I chose from Grove Collaborative! Photo by Steve Yursik

Here’s my first stash of goodies from Grove. See any of your household favorites?

I’m a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s and Method and Dr. Bronner, brands that I feel safe and happy using on any surface of my home (or my body). At Grove, you can find everything you want from those brands that I love, and so much more! Plus you can track down your favorite scents across your favorite brands. For example, I LOVE honeysuckle by Mrs. Meyer’s. Now I can easily find my favorite scent in all of their products – dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, multi-surface cleaner – and add that to my monthly delivery if I want to. OR switch up scents as I want, when the seasons change! They sell new, trendy products I’ve been curious about, as well as old school effective products that are still green minded, like Bon Ami and multitasking all-stars like my beloved Bragg. There are so many natural, non-toxic brands to try, in addition to Grove’s in-house brand of really unique household goods.

Just a few of the in-house products by Grove Collaborative

Grove has a great curated selection of all natural home and personal care products. They also make their own hand sanitizer, essential oils, natural household cleansers, and natural sponges. Grove sells their own scrubbers, sponges, beautiful dish towels, reusable microfiber cloths, reusable storage bags and containers and lovely but sturdy glass bottles to dispense your soaps and household cleansers. Loofahs and aprons and cotton balls and castile soap. Their in-house brand is high quality and adding new, natural and non-toxic products all the time. So far my favorite things are the cleaning gloves (they fit me perfectly and are somehow kind of cute with a little fold-back trim) and their microfiber cleaning cloths – so much better for the environment than endlessly using paper towels!

So here’s how the service works — with Grove, you can just shop as you would any site. But you can also get your favorite chosen products delivered every month (so you never run out of your home essentials). It’s super flexible — you can also pick what you want, when you need it. Don’t need dish soap this month? No problem, just take it out of your cart! Need new laundry detergent instead? Want to try a new scent this time? Easy to add! Just pick what you want, when you need it. You don’t HAVE to get your delivery every month if you aren’t in need – just log in and edit your cart. Basically Grove helps me save time so I don’t have to go to the store. It’s all about making life easier.  And Grove is expanding even more into personal care, so you can also shop the site for feminine products, vitamins, oral care and skincare. Not even to mention there’s a well-stocked baby and kids department for all my mama bellas who are looking for the best, cleanest and greenest household items for their families! So much easier than schlepping around with a giant cart and a list, just to stock up on your standard household needs.

So far I am LOVING Grove and I think you might too. But you don’t have to take my word for it — my friends at Grove Collaborative want to offer Afrobella readers a special gift just for joining! I partnered with them to give you this free offer when you sign up and spend $20 on your first order.

So here’s how it works – if you’re a new customer, you sign up and spend $20 on your first order, you’ll get a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Summer Set! This is it right here. Makes your $20 buy totally worth it from the beginning, no?

Your free gift includes Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray, a Grove Cleaning Caddy and free shipping AND a 60 day VIP trial. Please note, the free product offer is available for NEW customers only BUT existing customers will get a little bonus gift too (a free set of their walnut scrubber sponges). I got your back either way!

Click this link to get the offer – or just go to

* Grove only ships to the lower 48 states at this time — no Canada, Hawaii or Alaska. But follow them on social media for new developments – check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative, but the opinions (and the clean home) are mine!


pets says:
July 24, 2018, 8:03 pm
Looks like an excellent supplier of cleaning products and supplies. I only know the vinegar though but as I am from the Caribbean I guess that is ok.