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Ever since I started doing my own laundry, it’s been a big heavy pain. Literally. When I didn’t have my own washer and dryer, it was a question of lugging my heavy, full laundry basket and laundry detergent down to the laundry room or to the laundromat. Now that I’m blessed to have my own (albeit tiny) laundry room, it’s a question of lugging a heavy laundry basket over to the machine and then pulling down a cumbersome container of laundry detergent. They take up so much room. They leak – I’m always cleaning up drips and dribbles of detergent in there. As someone who lives in a small downtown condo, I’m always looking for ways to maximize my space and beautify my environment. For years I just accepted laundry as a weighty, bulky experience in general. Not anymore – thanks to the clever minds at Grove Collaborative. Allow me to introduce their wonderful, sleek, aesthetically pleasing and honestly useful Grove laundry vessel.


This is it right here. Here’s how it works.

Grove Collaborative is all about environmentally friendly home enhancement, so they’ve been trying to solve the laundry conundrum for a while. This is their solution – a patented, reusable glass dispenser intended to ensure the ideal measurement of concentrated soap. Intriguing, right?


Their laundry detergent is ultra-concentrated and plant-based. According to them, it’s made with natural cleaning enzymes that can remove any kind of stain.They use four enzymes intended to combat everything from grass stains and dirt to wine and grease. I haven’t put it to any extreme tests, but so far I definitely have been impressed with the results – their detergent worked just as well as than my usual brands. Grove is all about natural products, and their detergents are made with non-synthetic ingredients. It’s all plants, flowers and herbs – my current scent blend is lavender and rosemary. My clothes smell so fancy!

OK so here’s the laundry detergent and the vessel. I love that the packaging for the vessel is reusable, and the concentrate comes in a pouch.  Takes up so much less space and it’s better for the environment. Compared to most 40 oz laundry detergents in the big containers, the Grove laundry system cuts plastic waste by 80%. Love that!

OK so here’s how you use it.

Step 1, twist off the top of the dispenser. Make sure the spout is in the locked position (you’ll see why in step 3) .

Step 2, fill the vessel up to the max fill line with that concentrated detergent.

Like so.

Step 3, screw the top back on and then flip the dispenser over one time to “prime the auto-dosing mechanism.”

Like that. Basically you fill the top with a perfect dose of detergent, and then step 4 – turn the spout counterclockwise to the unlocked position, and load up your washing machine.

That’s it! Super easy, no spills, no big clunky bottles or tubs in your laundry room or to lug to the laundromat. It’s just a more elegant solution.

If you’re interested in giving this laundry solution a try, my friends from Grove have a special offer for Afrobella readers who want to become new customers! You can sign up here using my link – and if you’re a new customer and you spend $20 on your first order, you get a FREE laundry set, just like mine! That includes the Grove Laundry Detergent, the Grove Laundry Vessel, a Grove Stain Remover plus free shipping & VIP trial. When new customers spend $39 or more, they will also receive a free Grove tray.  EXISTING Grove customers also get a free product offer of the Grove walnut scrubber sponges that I use all the time at home. Win win!

What do you think – would this upgrade or improve your laundry situation too?

You can visit for more details and to see the impressive range of their products – everything from laundry and household cleaning to healthy, green vitamins and supplements for kids and adults. Click here to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative, but the opinions and experiences were all mine.


Pets says:
May 9, 2019, 5:44 pm
Interesting concept and despite its functionality, the bottle looks like an expensive vase or decorative collectible. Thanks for this.