Apparently National Pumpkin Day was on October 26th and I totally missed that. I personally celebrate my love of all things pumpkin much closer to Thanksgiving. I love the pumpkin pies, cakes, cookies and muffins – I also love a savory pumpkin stew or other dish. And I take my love of pumpkin to another level, because I also love any kind of pumpkin skincare.

Pumpkin contains vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, plus beta-carotene, so they’re good for you inside and out. Check out these helpful posts that explain those benefits better than I could. When I use a good pumpkin based or even just pumpkin-enhanced beauty product, I can see and feel a difference in my skin – it’s softer and brighter. Here are some of my favorite pumpkin beauty skincare products so you can try for yourself.

Urban Skin Rx Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask
– If you haven’t yet tried Urban SkinRx, definitely add them to your list to check out! Medical aesthetician Rachel Roff founded this clinical skincare line and created her scientifically researched corrective skin care products for all shades of beautiful. This Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask smells like dessert, it’s self-warming so it feels like a winter treat, and it combines clay and exfoliating jojoba beads so you can exfoliate as soon as you’re ready to wash off your mask.

The Repêchage FUSION™ Pumpkinfina Multivitamin Mask includes pumpkin and vanilla, so it smells amazing AND has incredible skincare benefits. The Vitamins A and C from pumpkin are intended to help refine your complexion and restore moisture. Vanilla contains B vitamins, niacin, thiamin and panthothenic acid. All in all, this mask leaves my face feeling super soft and incredibly clean (but not stripped of all moisture).

Olive + M’s Pumpkin Enzyme Polish + Mask looks like pudding, smells good enough to eat, and delivers bright, smooth, moist skin improving vitamins in a soft, slightly scrubby mask. The brand is all about clean and conscious ingredients – check them out on Amazon! Besides yummy pumpkin, this mask involves olive oil, cinnamon, plant enzymes and sea salt. My face feels really moisturized after using this one.

Yensa’s 2-in-1 Pumpkin Tumeric Radiance Polishing Mask is unusual amongst the pumpkin skincare products I’ve tried – it’s a gel-like mask with a gritty exfoliant, so I am especially gentle when I use it. It’s got pumpkin, turmeric, ginger, papaya and grapefruit. It applies like a thin gel that’s almost clear, smells divine. Apply to clean, damp skin, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse gently for glowing radiance. PS – Yensa is the sister brand to Purlisse, both founded by Jennifer Yen, both cosmetics brands that use fruit and fruit acids as key ingredients!

SheaMoisture’s 100% Premium Pumpkin Seed Oil is pure, nourishing and has become a staple in my skincare routine already. I love their 100% oils – the whole Beauty Hack concept is smart, and the products are so effective. I typically use a few drops of Pumpkin Seed Oil over my serums or acids, but SheaMoisture sent me a new skincare recipe to try (and share with you)!

SheaMoisture’s Pumpkin Seed Oil Skincare Recipe:

Step 1: 1 tablespoon of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Step 2: 3 drops of Jojoba Oil

Step 3: Apply to skin after cleansing and toning

Step 4: Allow to penetrate the skin for at least 10 minutes before applying moisturizer and other products

Hair Recipe:

Step 1: Wet your hair with warm water

Step 2: Add 3 drops of Pumpkin Seed Oil to the palm of your hand

Step 3: Add 2 drops of Almond Oil to your palm

Step 4: Rub your palms together to provide warmth to the oils, then evenly distribute the oils to your damp hair

 Leave it on for at least 30 minutes then wash it out and proceed with your usual shampoo and conditioning routine.


Those are the pumpkin skincare products I’ve tried and can confidently rave about. Next on my list, I want to try that Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse mask. What’s your favorite pumpkin skincare product? Tell me in the comments — I’m always looking for something new to try!

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Pets says:
November 27, 2019, 2:48 pm
Wow! Never knew pumpkin could be used in beauty treatments! Thanks for sharing!