This post was sponsored by GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal™ but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

 Growing up in Trinidad and then living in Miami didn’t prepare me for the relationship with moisturizer that I have now. I spent more than half of my life in hot, humid climates. My skin was naturally hydrated year-round, just by the humidity in the atmosphere.

My mom taught me about coconut oil for skin and hair. Back in Trinidad, some of our first body moisturizers were homemade coconut oils and hard bricks of cocoa butter from local producers. Back then, my lotion needed to be light and instantly penetrative. Moving to Chicago taught me the significance and necessity of rich, thick moisturizers meant to hydrate and nourish your skin. It turns out, some of the skincare ingredients I learned about back home are the same that I need to weather winter’s effects on my skin!

Recently I discovered GOLD® BOND Ultimate Radiance RenewalTM and it’s been a lifesaver this season. There are many awesome lotions on retail shelves right now, but this one is a dermatologist-tested cream oil with a triple-blend of moisturizers – coconut oil, cocoa butter AND African shea butter. Here’s why I’m loving it.

I’ve realized that living in this cold climate has given me visibly dry skin but the blend of this formula provides hydration that is so rich, it keeps my skin looking moisturized all day. GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance RenewalTM also contains gentle exfoliants to help remove dead, dry skin cells. This is a major benefit for me, because my skin totally can look ashy and flaky, especially during the winter. And when my skin is ashy and flaky, I don’t feel like my usual radiant, ready-for-anything self. Nobody wants that! No matter the season, I’m actively trying to maintain my moisture, my radiance, my glow. Who’s with me?


So far GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance RenewalTM has been super effective for me. I like the texture and fragrance and evacuation of the bottle – all of it. It’s thick and not runny, but not TOO thick that it doesn’t rub in easily. Plus, it smells like coconutty cocoa butter shea buttery goodness, but not too strong or over-the-top that it’ll clash with your fragrance. It’s also not in a crazy hard-to-squeeze bottle like some other popular lotions are.

I love using it in the shower on damp skin before I put my towel on – it really has been giving me 24-hour moisturization, so I don’t feel all itchy and dry at the end of the day. My goal is to maintain hydrated skin all-year round, especially during the tough winter months. I’m not trying to use (or recommend) a product that requires constant reapplication – that isn’t effective or sensible. I’m not here for wasting money or time, mine or yours.

You know I love my Beauty Brand History, and GOLD BOND® is one of those brands with legacy and an incredible reputation – that’s what attracted me to try their products, TBH. The brand dates back to 1908, when their signature medicated powder was first developed by physicians of the Rhode Island State Medical Association. They’ve been solving tough skin care issues for over 100 years! Today they’re known as brand leaders in medicated powder, foot cream and body lotion, amongst other products in their portfolio. To create GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance RenewalTM, the brand took the sensible approach of listening to women and trying to answer their “lotion wishes” with the ultimate triple-blend of moisturizers. It’s working well for me! If you’re looking for a bomb lotion to help you survive winter skin and beyond into spring and summer, I’d recommend it. It’s super easy to find – check the skin care aisle at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target and Walgreens.

Click here to learn more, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram (@GoldBond_Ultimate).


This post was sponsored by GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal™ but all opinions are all mine!




Pets says:
February 17, 2018, 7:50 pm
Fantastic but not sure if it’s available in Trinidad.
CJ Williams says:
February 22, 2018, 4:43 pm
I need to try Gold Bond!
Terry Carrico says:
April 14, 2018, 4:37 am
Nice! The article is great and the products seems really good. Thanks for sharing.


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