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December is peak holiday season, the time for merriment and gifts. Turns out, this time of year is also a special time for love – according to my friends at Kay Jewelers, December’s holiday season is the most popular time for engagements. Which makes so much sense! It’s a time when your mind tends to turn to family and home, and that’s at the core of making a marriage work – finding that person who makes you feel like you’ve found a home. That person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, who you want to invite into your family or make a family with. The person who makes you feel comfortable, content and complete. I believe when you know, you know.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers

I found my person 20 years ago – so crazy to think it’s been that long! We’ve been married for 17 years now. And here’s a secret that nobody knows besides him, me and our jeweler (hey Aunt Patty) – my actual wedding ring isn’t a diamond, it’s cubic zirconia. We got married fresh out of college and spending months of salary on a diamond simply wasn’t the move at the time. We designed our ring with the help of my husband’s aunt, she’s an incredible jeweler with unique style. It’s intentionally symbolic.

Over the years, it’s been suggested that I change the ring or add stones to it, but I didn’t want to because I love it the way it is. Instead, we found a stunning solution thanks to Kay Jewelers – check it out! I absolutely love my  Neil Lane Bridal® Sapphire Anniversary Band! It’s such an easy, timeless upgrade to my existing engagement ring/wedding band.

I love stacking rings, beyond the lens of marriage and anniversaries. They can be delicate and pretty, or bold and eye-catching all based on your personal aesthetic. To me, it’s not a trend anymore – stacking rings are here to stay. And there are so many reasons to add to your stack. Some couples add a stacking ring for a special anniversary or to mark a significant occasion. I know quite a few folks who commemorate personal occasions with stacking rings. One of my friends recently told me that she got herself a special stacking ring in memory of her mother, and it alternates her birthstone with diamonds. I think that’s a beautiful way to celebrate a loved one.

Here I’m wearing a  Neil Lane Bridal® Anniversary Band in 14K white gold with a pattern of colorful natural sapphires and sparkling round diamonds. Sapphires are significant to my family because my mom is a Libra and has always identified sapphire as her birthstone. So, beyond this being a band to commemorate our relationship, it’s also a little, personal way to celebrate my mom. Best gift ever!

One thing I’m always conscious and concerned about in making jewelry purchases, is the sourcing of the stones. I want to make sure my purchase is helpful and not harmful to the community it came from. Kay Jewelers assures that all the pieces in their collection are 100% responsibly sourced. For more information on Kay’s consumer policies, click here to read their policies and proactive solutions to addressing concerns about conflict diamonds by using the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. You can also click here to read about their work with the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Also, Kay Jewelers sells an incredible variety of lab-created jewelry that is absolutely gorgeous, check it out!

Kay Jewelers is the number one jewelry store in America with an incredible selection of exceptional quality jewelry and there are more than 1,000 stores across the country, so you can most likely find a location near you where you can choose your gorgeous new jewelry with the knowledge and assistance of a helpful consultant. Plus, now’s the best time to buy — from now through December 24, you can get up to 50% off store-wide at Kay Jewelers! So you don’t have to drop a stack to give a stack! Maybe there’s a stacking ring in your future, for your own special reasons. Or maybe you’ll find something else you love. To check out their designs, visit or check them out on social media – they’re on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @KayJewelers.

All photos by Steve Yursik. This post was sponsored by Kay Jewelers but the opinions are all mine!


Pets says:
December 20, 2019, 9:37 pm
Wonderful gift and great post! Wishing you many more happy years together and remember, “Every Kiss begins with Kay!”
fireboy and watergirl says:
July 8, 2021, 3:44 am
Wonderful gift and great post!