Artist Summit Chicago 015

This Columbus Day Weekend, Chicago was the place to be. If you love makeup and beauty the way that I do, it was a weekend to treasure. The Powder Group rolled into town for the Artist Summit — a veritable who’s who of makeup artists, brands, and professionals in the field. And we kicked things off with a bang!

Together with the fabulous Lianne Farbes (AKA The Makeup Girl) and Erin Scandalous, I hosted the Drugstore Divas Blogger Mixer. We had a blast! So much so that we completely forgot to take photos, and I only have two. D’oh!

Artist Summit Chicago 008

Here’s me with Lianne and our fabulous sign at the front of the J Bar at the James Hotel!

Like my outfit? Vintage long sleeved sweater dress by Silhouettes that I bought at the incredible Redress NYC, belt by Torrid, octopus necklace from Etsy, Payless boots, and tights by Stone Fox — available online at (Review to come on this amazing hosiery company soon!)
Artist Summit Chicago 009

And here I am with gorgeous ladies Rashida B (that’s right! Of BeautySchooled and The B Spot and of that eyebrow interview from a while back) and Contessa Gibson. Love her!

We had a great turnout, gave out some GREAT giftbags, and had a blast with Twitter friends, makeup artists, and fans of our blogs – twas AWESOME. Thank you so much to Suave, Sunsilk, Degree, Vaseline, and Carol’s Daughter for contributing to an amazing night!

The next day was the summit itself, and I got there later than I wanted to. (Blame that on the lychee martinis!)

Artist Summit Chicago 010

I got there just in time for the blogger’s panel, featuring Lianne, Felicia of This That Beauty, Christina Farrell of The Makeup Blogger. Their panel was informative and engaging. GREAT lessons for up and coming bloggers.
Artist Summit Chicago 025

I spent most of my time wandering in and out of sessions, meeting makeup artists, and checking out the amazing brands on the main floor. That’s Koren Zander of Enkore Beauty during his presentation. I LOVED watching him, and have learned so much from his YouTube videos!

Artist Summit Chicago 013

I got to meet the creators of OCC Cosmetics, David Klasfeld and Katie Pelligrino. Katie chatted with me about the infamous Lip Tar and the shades to come in the future. YAY me! I scored lip tars in two colors I ADORE — Vintage, a deep wine-tinged burgundy, and Safety Orange which is exactly what it sounds like.

Artist Summit Chicago 021

I’m wearing Safety Orange in the photo here with my girl Erin Scandalous!

Artist Summit Chicago 018

One of the biggest booths at the Artist Summit was Inglot Cosmetics — their website is still under construction but believe me when I tell you, the variety and quality of their products – DAZZLING. And behind the counter I met Mr. Divo, who was repping Inglot and looking like a male model all the while. Mr. Divo was such a sweetheart!

Artist Summit Chicago 020

The crew at Make Up For Ever were so friendly, and they kindly helped to explain how I should use the Flash Colors — more to come on this soon!
Artist Summit Chicago 017

I was lucky enough to meet one of the owners of Chicago’s own Ruby Room – this wellness center promises to do more than just pamper your body, they recharge your spirit with positive energy. I am DYING to go!

I had a blast at the Artist’s Summit, and look out for a special review of another brand I discovered at the event. If you’re a makeup fiend and The Powder Group comes to your town, DON’T HESITATE! Get tickets ASAP, because their events are WELL worth attending!


Brittany says:
November 2, 2009, 6:08 pm
What fuuuun!!! Looks like you guys had a ball. Mr. Divo was in Miami and he was my homie. Inglot brings it. I've had my radar out for them for quite some time.
Kathy@fusionofcolor says:
November 2, 2009, 7:17 pm
Great article!!Was nice finally meeting you and yes this Summit was awesome. I cannot wait for next year.
Brandi says:
November 4, 2009, 4:19 pm
Inglot has amazing colors and I love that you can build your own palette. It's perfect. The next time I see Mr. Divo there, I'll have to say hello. Thanks again for all of the great product ideas.
Marian Marius says:
November 1, 2011, 3:39 am
Awesome blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.