I grew up in Trinidad and lived in Miami for more than a decade. I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about humidifiers when I lived in the tropics. There it’s unimaginable that you might need a little device in your home that adds humidity to the air. Now that I live in Chicago, I think it’s a household essential too many of us don’t yet know about.

Here’s how winter air affects me. The snow starts coming down and we turn on the heat. At first it’s charming and cozy. Then there’s Christmas, and it’s so pretty with lights everywhere. Then January 1st passes and the reality that this is the next few months of life settles in. Grey skies, snow, ice and central air.

Winter is a time when you tend to hunker down. It’s freezing cold outside and I have a major fear of black ice. Being stuck inside for days at a time during our last brutal winter made me realize the importance of air quality in a whole new way. The air is cold and dry outside and then your home uses central heat which has a drying effect. The climate outside and inside are detrimental to your wellness and beauty. For me, every winter inevitably means dry, itchy skin. I didn’t know what ashy was, truly. Now I know. There is ashy and there is scaly. I have experienced both.

Now winter brings me patches of seasonal eczema – last year one patch was so dry and painful it was like a scab that wasn’t going away. I literally went to the dermatologist to get a medical prescription to treat it. For real. Not even kidding.

My nose will be super dry and then when I sneeze, there is blood because my nasal passages are so dry. My hair needs as much heavy moisture as possible. My scalp gets (even more) flaky. At times you can find yourself with dry, cracked painful lips. None of it is cute.

To combat winter’s harsh effects, I drink more water – 8 glasses a day. I keep a carafe on my desk and on my bedside table. I slather on creams and butters and oils (in that order, to seal in that post-shower moisture). Despite my best efforts, I inevitably wind up dealing with the dryness.

I’m really thinking this winter could be different, thanks to the Dyson Humidifier.




I never realized that the same kind of device that my sister-in-law uses in my baby niece’s room could make such a difference to my skin, hair and general wellness. Now that I’ve had some time to test this out, I realize that a good humidifier is a winter beauty and health essential.

So why Dyson? What makes it so special? $499 isn’t cheap, but you’re getting amazing technology for that value. You fill it with water and their patented Ultraviolet Cleanse technology kicks in, using a 3-minute cycle to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the water – so your mist is super clean. I especially appreciate that the mist is cleaned without having to add a chemical to the water like you do with other humidifiers. That means that $499 is a one-time investment, instead of leading to long-term perpetual purchases.

What’s the performance like? It’s whisper quiet. It’s super easy to use and refill, unlike other humidifiers I’ve tried. I don’t mind displaying it proudly in my living room, to me it’s unobtrusive, sleek, attractive and cool. Literally. When it’s on and you’re standing right next to it, you get a soft breeze from a cool fan with light mist. I love that my cat Max isn’t afraid of it 🙂


The Dyson Humidifier retails for $499, and now’s a great time to add this to your Christmas list. BTW it’s for sale at Bed Bath and Beyond. This is what that 20% off coupon is for!

Click here to check out Dyson.com and learn more about their humidifier, and click here to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This post was sponsored by Dyson Humidifiers but the opinions are all mine. I really reviewed it and I really like it!


pets says:
November 27, 2015, 8:33 am
Dyson makes excellent and innovative products. Seems as if having a humidifier, especially a mist one for a brief time during those cold winter months will be a boon to your overall health and well - being.
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