Maybe you’re heading to the beach, lighting up the grill, getting ready to party, or kicking it in front of the tube with an all-day marathon of your favorite show. But today, Memorial Day, is about so much more.


Today we celebrate the men and wome who sacrificed their lives for American freedom. Throughout the history of this country, men and women of every creed and race have come together to fight in the name of America.

Beautiful, strong women of color have long contributed to the armed forces — just click here for a small glimpse of African American men and women, committed to dignified service in WWII, often despite segregration and prejudice shown towards them by their own comrades.

Click here to read about the Black Women’s Army Unit of WWII, which helped to send letters to military personnel overseas.

Click here to read about the history of black women in the army, dating back to the Civil War.

I know many of you bellas have served in the armed forces, or have family and friends who have. Some of you might be currently serving our country, or are ardently missing and hoping and loving someone who is overseas, doing their best to keep America safe. Thank you doesn’t say nearly enough.

Love, light, peace, and blessings to all of us this Memorial Day. If you want to post a special rememberance for our men and women in service, please share with me!

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